Friday, February 29, 2008

My Friend Joan.....

.....passed away today.
I will miss her very much......she was a good person.

We Brought You Back Plenty of Sunshine From Florida.....

.....But, the deal was that you'd get rid of all that "white stuff".

Not only did you not get RID of it, but about ten more inches of the stuff fell while we were away.

Our family spent their free time shoveling our drive this week!

It sure was a great week to spend in the Bahamas, however.

We stayed several nights at the Gaylord Palms and then sailed with Paula and John on Sunday.

What a wonderful time we had......we enjoyed their company very much and we hope that they enjoyed ours as well.

We had a little bit of quiet.....a little bit of sun (some more than others).....a little bit of food (NOT).......a little bit of music and dance......a little bit of trivia (which really wasn't trivia at all) and let's not forget the memorable bean bag toss.....and finally getting a "14k gold, plastic, ship on a stick".

We met lots of people on our trip but we really just spent time getting to know each other.

But now, it's back to reality.....back to the snow. It's good that we both have a few days off before having to return to work. We've spent the entire day trying to keep our balance and swaying as if we were still on board the ship. But, it's very good to be back home.

Now, if we could just get our metabolisms back in shape!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Okay......So I Should Be in Bed. I Know !

I'm learning as I go with all this blogging business. I made a photo slideshow at "fliptrack" and it's posted at the bottom of this blog page.

I was looking through some garden catalogs today and so I thought I'd take a look at what I already had in the garden and decided the pictures would make a nice slideshow.

Keeps me focused on summer.....which by the way, is just around the corner.

Yesterday we had rain
and wind
and thunder
and lightening
and today we have snow.
It's crazy.

I'm going on vacation this week and when I get back, I want all this winter stuff done and over with.........hear me????

I'm talking to you !


Sunday, February 17, 2008

How Long Can I Keep This Up.......

I decided to treat myself to Weight Watchers for my birthday last year....I know, I know. Most people treat themselves to ice cream or the Cheesecake Factory or something like that. I decided that it was going to be up to me to take this extra weight off and it was going to be now. I'm not sure why I chose WW other than its reputation. I'd gone to WW before and only stayed the month.

I go to my "weigh in" meetings on Saturdays. It's become a routine for the L and I: he gets up with me and we run through the McDonald's drive thru so I can get my coffee and then, he drops me off at the meeting. When I'm finished, I walk over to the McDonalds and we spend a few minutes over coffee before we either run errands or I go to work. We've come to look forward to these Saturday mornings.

I'm humbled by the dedication of the members in my meeting and I'm often embarassed by the amount of weight I'm losing.......I joined so I could take off ten freakin' pounds. How sad. There are sometimes people reporting a weekly LOSS of ten pounds (well, close to it anyway) and I'm there celebrating my "POINT SIX" weight loss for the week. Many of the men and women in my meeting have been on a long journey and I admire and respect them.

But, the time was right for me and I was determined. I began around Labor Day 2007 and I made my goal weight the Saturday before Thanksgiving....OH BOY, maintaining my goal weight for the most difficult six weeks of the year.....if that's not a challenge. I made lifetime and still attend meetings regularly and I haven't missed a Saturday since I started. The meetings, the people, their sharings and the issue of accountability are the factors that make the program work for me. I'm happier and I feel better. We have lots of "sugar" in my family and I want to do whatever I can to stay clear of that and my back has been better than in recent years.

But, How Long CAN I Keep This Up?..............

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day all the very sweet people in my life.

...A wonderful husband......who loves me as I am (and who buys me things that sparkle!)
...My two wonderful children: J&K who amaze and humble me every day and make me prouder than they know.
...My father, who bravely carries on even without his Valentine.

Thanks for all the love....I'm not quite sure what I've done to deserve it, but I couldn't survive without it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a "WICKED" Day............

The weather today was very nasty......the wind chills were incredible. There was not much accumulation of snow and it was coming down sideways. When i got up in the morning I was surprised to see the conditions; not such a great day.

BUT, I got to see WICKED tonight and that made it a great day.

WOW, what a fabulous show. Casting, costumes, sets - awesome. My youngest daughter is a costume designer, so to think that someday that's where she'll be - WOW! I had dinner with my two cousins, Cheryl and Erin and then we saw the show together.

Clare's friend, Leah and her husband and friends came from Columbus to see the show - so she met them afterwards for dinner. I'm glad she had a chance to spend time with her.

Tomorrow, she MegaBuses back home to was great having her here.

Me????...I'm going to bed praying for a snow day tomorrow !

I have vacation clothes to get out and clean !

and so it begins...........

.....a blogging we will go......

Something to do, late at night (1:34 AM) when you can't sleep.....that's all!

Tonight, besides putting a few photographs in a scrapbook, I was searching on the internet at the places that J will be visiting when she cruises for four months on the Norwegian Jade. She'll be performing with Second City Comedy Club from Istanbul, Turkey all the way to Norway and dozens of fabulous cities/countries in between.

Clare is home for the weekend and the night owl that she is, I know she's upstairs probably surfing the internet too, or watching TV. It's good to have her home even if for just a few days because she works very hard.....but she knows how to have fun, too. She tells the best stories about all her experiences.

Oh, to be young !