Monday, June 30, 2008

Today was Mangan Movie day..........

So, we went to see Sex and the City.
I've never seen the TV show and heard that it wasn't necessary to know anything about the show. Considering I don't care much for Sarah Jessica Parker, I liked the movie alot. Lots of nudity (a movie with the word sex in the title, I guess it shouldn't be a surprise) and I didn't expect such a message from a movie that was basically about the sexual antics of four NYC women. But, there was a message and anyone who is considering marriage and planning a wedding should see this movie. It's going to help you keep the eye on the to speak.

We went to the Cheesecake Factory afterwards for their special of the day: "better than sex cheesecake".

We all had a slice.

Next up................Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Part 2 (are they really only on part 2??)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I need prayers for my friend.

PLEASE, if you are reading this now........please pray for her!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Paul.........

It's Paul McCartney's 66th Birthday today.......ever-talented, multi-faceted Beatle that he was.....and a member of the the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire to boot.

"Sir Paul".....gee, he's come a long way from being called a "hippy freak"!
He came by tonight and signed my blog...............Happy Birthday, Paul, you always were my favorite.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Look at that Tiger, he's GRRRRRRRRRRREAT !

We really aren't big sports fans......but we're more than just "fair weather fans", I think.
We don't always JUST root for the team that's playing well. And we do have our favorites, but we're not avid sports enthusiasts.
Take for example baseball....we don't clamor downtown all the time for a game, but we do root for the Indians and we appreciate their talents. But, I don't even know the names of the teams. Case in point - recently, we were going downtown to a game with my sister and her husband and while searching on the Internet for who they would play that night I found this: " -vs. SD" which I said, "OK, they're playing South Dakota that night".
Come on, come on.......give me a break ! !

Same with the Cleveland Browns.....although, of all the sports, football is our favorite. We'll almost always watch football in the winter, but we couldn't tell you who all the teams are or their standings. L will know the Browns' standings throughout the year, but that's about it. We DO like football. Once or twice a season, we'll even go to BW-3 for wings and football.....RAH, RAH ! But that's the extent of it.

And then, there's TIGER.

You all know that we've recently taken up golf and in the past two years we're slowly getting into it; learning the game; improving slowly. And golf is different; there's no real "home team" in golf which gives me the right to say that TIGER's MY man. Even if the man were ugly as sin which by the way, oh my goodness he is SOOO not, the man is an amazement. He's the quintessential human....good looking, great shape, a gentleman and talented beyond the description of talent.

But, SO, back to the 'fairweather fan' business........I was rooting for Mediate this past weekend in the US Open not Tiger. I know, I could I? He was the underdog, that's why. He was so ready to shine on Monday, that I can't imagine how he must have felt when he lost in the about gentlemen.

But, to have played the game he played and with Tiger............he WAS a winner. But of course, Tiger took home another water goblet to Elin.....maybe she warms up baby bottles in it. I hope that Mediate comes out on top as a result of his second place in the US Open.......he played a heck of an overtime game. 19 Holes, totally neck-n-neck with Tiger the entire time. And, you could see Tiger struggling. Mediate said that one of the few highlighted moments in the game was seeing Tiger squirm....maybe he didn't win, but he gave Tiger a run for his money which in itself is an accomplishment.

In the meantime, I'll just keep rooting for the Indians to win against South Dakota which apparently isn't going to be hard at all, and the Browns to get to the Super Bowl so we can host a Super Bowl party, which I'm told is going to be difficult, and we'll keep practicing, getting ready for the Tiger.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happily Ever After............

Our friends, Pat & Gerry were married last night. It was a simple ceremony in their home and a reception at the recreation center of their housing development. It was a beautiful day for a wedding and everything went off wonderfully. Pat and Gerry both looked lovely and very happy. It was the first time we'd met their children and they all looked pleased and happy for their parents. We enjoy spending time with them and hope to do a lot more fun things this summer.

Congratulations guys!

Happy Father's Day.........

To the two fathers in my life.

To my Dad who has been a wonderful, gentle father and who carries on so well even without his honey; Happy Father's Day, Dad.

And, to my husband who, OK, isn't MY father, but is the best father in the world to my children and for that, I wish him Happy Father's Day, too.

We had breakfast with Dad today - we ate outside at a little local restaurant because it was a beautiful sunny day and in the afternoon L and I went to the driving range where we managed to practice a little despite my boot. although it was a challenge. All the bad balls were because of my boot. I'm not sure what L's problem was!
And then I made a picnic lunch and we went down to the lake and sat and watched the hundreds of people in the water and eating their picnics.

When we returned, jJoy had left a phone message for L.....she's having trouble calling out from the ship because apparently 2000 other people are making the very same calls. Sort of like midnight on December 31st.

All in all, a beautiful, if Tiger could get his game on par..........

Thursday, June 12, 2008

International Clothesline Week..........

YES.....this is International Clothesline Week......I kid you not.

I know you think I make this stuff up.........
There's only a couple of things that I miss about our old house......I miss the giant patio. Gathering my family around our little 12x12 patio now is a challenge......well, actually, it would be a challenge for nearly anyone's patio. But the patio at the other house was about 25x18 and had such great potential! The other thing I miss is the clothesline. There's nothing in our association bylaws that says I can't have a clothesline, but I don't really think the neighbors would welcome it. So, L installed one of those retractable clotheslines in the garage for me. Now that I'm not doing laundry for 4 people, it works great although I don't hang the sheets out there and I miss the smell of sheets when you climb into the bed on laundry day! There's just something about the smell of them after they've been line-dryed. But back when I was searching for this retractable clothesline, I came across this website - so check it out: Italian Style................

So, go on.....get green

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I GOT THE BOOT TODAY...................

I hurt my foot in the beginning of May and it's gotten progressively worse everyday. I finally went to have it x-rayed which said it wasn't broken but it might have a stress fracture. It's at the "max" of hurt that I can stand and the boot is actually helping me although I'll give it two weeks and we need to move on to plan B when I'll be giving the boot the boot.

June is National Rose Month......

The rose took on a significant role during my mother's illness, especially near the end. One of the Eucharistic Ministers from St Clarence would bring my mother communion to the house during the week and on October 1st she also brought my mother a white rose as it was the feast day of St Therese better known as "The Little Flower". My mother took the gift of that rose as a sign on such a significant day and decided that when the bloom began to turn and fade, that was going to be her time.

Everyday, we'd go into the house and the first thing we'd do was check out the rose to see how it was. The rose not only did not fade, but even after about ten days, it was still full and strong and began to sprout a few roots to boot! Mom insisted that my brother plant the rose out in the yard where she could see it. We placed a glass cover over it and we watched it for the next several days.

It was just a few days after that when she passed away and the rose now has a very significant role in our lives. We try to make sure that there's a rose present at all of our family gatherings because although I miss her everyday, it's at those family gatherings where I miss her absence even more.

The next spring, we bought roses for our yards. We took Dad and we went out to the garden store and found the "perfect" roses. Dad's was called the "St Patrick's Rose" a beautiful hybrid tea rose that when it's a small tight bud, it's green and then opens to white and then to a beautiful golden color. It was perfect for Dad. And, for us, we bought the "Queen Mary Rose", again, a hybrid tea white rose. This is a picture of that rose.

L got me a beautiful red rose for Mother's Day last year and it's a very hardy, no fuss rose bush that is quite prolific.

So, June is National Rose Month and as we say in our family....."remember the rose".

Thursday, June 5, 2008

They Have Returned......

No, not the buzzards to Hinckley....

Nor, the swallows to Capistrano.....

I'm talking about the Hummingbirds to Olmsted Township!

Last year we got around to getting a hummingbird feeder. We were quite entertained by the beauty and grace of the birds when they came around. They would buzz around the feeder four or five times in an hour. One day, we counted 5 or 6 of them buzzing around the feeder at one time which caused a huge food fight.

There have been quite a few more hummingbird feeders seen throughout the neighborhood this year and we'll see if it the frequency of their visits to our feeder is reduced. It's right outside the sliding glass door and it's fun to watch them.

I'd recommend it to anyone.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

EVERYBODY Hates That "C" Word.......

June 1st is National Cancer Survivors Day.....It's a time for us to remember and support those living with or who have lived through cancer in their lives.

It's frustrating to think that cancer's been around all my life and that in over 50 years, they aren't further ahead in figuring it out. But in all fairness, 50 years out of 2000 might not really be enough time to get it right, but you would think wouldn't you? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the advances they've made with the disease. If my own J had been diagnosed with her thyroid cancer a hundred years ago, she might not be making so many people laugh on the Norwegian Jade today. And, my own father has been under the knife and the glow lights several times and he's still kicking his heels at the Feis. But they have so far to go......the terrible cancer that took my mother was hard and swift and it's a reminder that the medical industry just can't keep up with the need for the cure. There was no cure for her type of cancer and the treatment options alone would kill you.

I don't know anyone who hasn't been touched hard by the "C" word. And, I don't know anyone who doesn't have someone close to them that is struggle through cancer even now. My own Uncle Martin and Aunt Alice are gone way too early in their life.......and the list could go on and on. It sometimes makes you wonder which lottery number YOU have.

You can check out local activities for June 1st at

Continue to keep them all in your prayers.