Monday, August 18, 2008

Uncle Bernie's a Master Craftsman.....

We had the old wooden steps in the back replaced with brick today....Uncle Bernie made it look so easy. THANKS, big guy!



Friday, August 15, 2008

Take Me Out to Another Ballgame..........

The Ludinator and I went to the ballgame on Sunday to see the Indians play against the Angels. When we arrived we were surprised to learn it was "kids day" and weren't sure how much fun we'd have. Not that we don't like kids or anything.....but there were thousands of them! However, they pretty much didn't come into the stadium and were there mostly for the free fun. The Indians won the game 4-3 and played a nice game and we had great seats. We had lunch at Flannery's near the stadium and were home pretty early.

It's Heritage Days Week...........

here in Olmsted Falls.
It's a week of "home days" type activities that we took part in a lot more when the kids were younger.
But, the library partitipates in the parade each year and this year was no different.

Here's a few pictures from the parade.....and I especially like this one when Cam discovers that it's me while McKeely looks on.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame..............

For the second year now, our FP Kevin treated his clients and any perspective clients to the "Cleveland Indians -vs Detroit Tigers" game last week. It's always a very fun time......barbecue on the upper deck patio followed by a great game (although there were no fights on the field; darn!)The Ludinator was called out of town at the last minute - he had to spend the week in New Jersey, so kClare took his place and we invited our friends Pat and Gerry to come with us. Turns out they are big time baseball fans, so we had a great time. The Indians started out well, but things started going down hill after the 3rd inning. The game had a couple extra innings which we didn't stay for and they ended up loosing to Detroit by 2.

Thanks, Kevin, we had fun.........


I went to a marathon scrapbook session with my cousins the other day..........we enjoy scrapbooking (obviously) and spending time together. I hope that someday, someone actually LOOKS at all these albums we're creating!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sometimes, you just come across something fun......................

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Zucchini Anyone?

HEY - it's "sneak some zucchini onto your neighbors porch night"......

So, here's my address, I'll be waiting............................

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It's been awhile since I've been able to's been busy here actually, and I'm tired.

kClare returned from her whirlwind tour of the the UK, etal and it was exciting to hear all about her adventures. Together, they went to London to see all the sights including Abbey Road; to LeHavre and Paris on Bastille Day; to Falmouth, Cornwall England for a quiet day; to Cobh, Cork Ireland where kClare kissed the Blarney Stone; to Dublin where they romped in St Stephens Green and shopped in all the great shops; to Belfast where they visited the Giant's Causeway and the Bushmill Distillery (hey, where's my sample???) and then on to two ports in Scotland where they visited Loch Ness; Amsterdam to the Anne Frank house/annex and museum and then to Zeebrugge, Belgium before returning to Southampton. They had two great days at sea where they relaxed and enjoyed the ship.

kClare had a great time meeting and spending time with jJoy's cast and friends from the ship and it's nice being reassured that jJoy is doing well and having a great time. jJoy has begun her extended contract with Second City and the cast is great and things are settling in.

We did some fun things the few short days that kClare was back in town: PJ and Judy and all their gang were in town for a family wedding and we had a few moments to gather with them. One of which was Sunday breakfast after church and then a McCafferty barbecue at our place on Thursday night.

Lude spent the week in New Jersey on business and was very happy to get home and be reunited with kClare so he could hear all about her trip.

Hey, there, are looking GREAT ! !

I can't even call them the Arkansas McCaffertys anymore.....have to include Alabama, Oregon and Washington DC to that now!

Then we set out on our adventure to Chicago to do the major move. The truck story is way too long and involved to even bother with, so forget it. Suffice to say it was interesting and nerve wracking at times. We went to see a BEATLE tribute band called American English and they were very good....I'm glad we went.

After the truck was all packed, we set out for Bloomington-Normal around Noon on Saturday and arrived there sometime in the afternoon. I lost all track of time because I came down with some sort of mysterious flu. It really only lasted about 24 hours - but it's punch was powerful. I feel I'm over it, but even as I write this, I feel sick.......kClare is tucked away in Normal and begins school next week. She's excited and nervous all at the same time. We're very proud of her and hope she has a fabulous adventure.

But, we're back home now, safe and sound. The truck is back, the garage is full of shite, we're back at work and back to being all alone in the house.

The month of August looks quiet compared to June and we're looking forward to it.