Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

What a fun "stay"cation...............

L and I spent the week together at home last week trying to catch up on some projects that we'd either dreamt up or didn't get to tackle during the summer. We lazed around, slept late, ate well and got a lot accomplished. The weather was the best weather ever - not a drop of rain and joyously sunny each day with cool evenings perfect that were meant for sleeping.

I'd planted several items in the garden this spring that ended up being bigger than I'd thought, so I moved a lot of plants around and got rid of some perennials that haven't "shaped up" in the past 3 years, so out they went (to someone else's garden....). So the garden is almost ready for the winter. I'll do a final clean up and cutting back in late October.

We painted the basement steps and the walls going downstairs and I did a little stencil on the walls just to break up the monotony of it all! I've been wanting to do that since we moved in.

We also removed the shutters from the house and washed them down and painted them. L washed down the siding and put the shutters back up and they're all spruced up and ready for winter! So now, as long as the paint doesn't run down the side of the house in the first rain, I'll be happy!

We removed the "christmas lights" (I know, I know) from the two pine trees in the front so we could trim the trees and fix the lights. L did put the strings of lights back on - what the heck, you can't see them.....why stand out there in the 20 degree weather putting lights up? I don't do it, you shouldn't either! L does it at our house which is why I can say I don't do it!!!

We spent a day over in Put 'n Bay on the best of the days weather-wise. We rented a golf cart and spent the day riding around the island. We had dinner and shopped a bit and had a great time.

Our friends G&P came for dinner one night which was a lot of fun. It's amazing how much time can fly by in one evening when you're gabbing away.

And the week finished off with L's class reunion. Lude keeps in touch with a number of friends from High School, so we always try to go if we can.

And, that was our week......back to work and the reality of it all.


Had a break from ISU.....saw some plays and a few friends.................

I went to Medina on Saturday.................


I went to Parma this week......

Friday, September 19, 2008


Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to, to, to, what's your name?

Happy Birthday to you.
I hope we have many, many, many more birthdays together! I love you lots.

AND, we just got off a much choreographed video conference call with both girls.

It sure doesn't take much to make me cry.
We get to talk to kClare pretty regularly but jJoy, not so much. So when I heard them both, I just went to mush and of course ALL the things I wanted to ask jJoy just went right out the window. kClare is at this moment on the bus on her way to school. She's describing school now as a "great place" in her life....I think both physically and career wise. And jJoy is at her favorite internet cafe in Istanbul, Turkey. Cruises start and end in Istanbul quite a bit and the internet cafe there gives her the chance to get in touch with people and upload pictures and work on her blog. They captured a photo of the video call and sent it to us......

Thanks girls....this made our day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike's Visit to Ohio.....

Well, Ike was here last night and created quite a stir. Not too much rain, but winds that were awesomely scary. The kind of phenomenon that causes panic and amazement at the same time. I can barely imagine how the people must have felt in Galveston, Texas over the weekend. I'm sitting here, sad because I didn't get to go to Cedar Point for the day on Saturday while the people in Galveston were sleeping in shelters inland away from the worst of the weather.

But, last night we got to see just a small bit of what it was like. For the first time ever, we actually moved the patio furniture into the garage because we no longer were worried about just loosing the silly covers off the furniture, but the furniture itself. And worried worse yet, that it might hit the house next door or our own and cause damage.
I didn't realize that L had removed the glass top of the patio table and actually put that into the garage so when I went to the patio door just to watch the craziness, I saw that the glass table top was gone. At that point, you just have to accept the inevitable and hope that no one was hurt by your flying piece of glass. I called up to L...."guess what, L? The glass from the table is gone" He proceeded to lead me on by saying "I know" (as if to say he saw that it had happened and chose not to tell me, thus upsetting me). At any rate, it was safe in the garage - a crisis averted!
I couldn't help but be drawn to the windows to watch the wind......isn't that weird? How does someone watch the wind? The wind was so strong it caused a path of grass to lay flat down as if something was being dragged across it. The wind blew the trees until some of them were nearly at a right angle with the ground. The wind caused several micro bursts causing trees to twist and snap as in the picture.

The power flickered several times during the early evening but remained on for us, which is unheard of. Of all the advances in building and technology, I am surprised that since we moved here (it will be 5 years on November 1st) the power has gone off (and stayed off - not just flickered) a very unusual amount of times. The outages were always blamed on construction and actually have subsided in the last year immensely.....there has been minimal construction in the area, so maybe it's true about the construction part.

But, the power went out over in the center of town which is where my library is. It went off around 7PM last night and when I got to work at 9 was still out. SO, we were sent home with instructions to remain in touch with the staff in the event we would be able to return to work.

It's like a snow day....a free day.....a stolen day...................think I'll go take a nap. Wake me when it's daylight again!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finally, a Scarey Dream Comes True..........

So, I've been dreaming about working less hours for several years and finally, my dream's come true. In early October I'm going to begin working 20 hours a week instead of 30, but in order to be able to do that, I have to leave the library branch where I've been for over 17 years for a different one. It's about 15 minutes further away from where I live (I know, I know - you NJ people are reading this and feeling really sorry for me!!! But keep in mind the whole perspective thing here!) but the branch is nearly brand spanking new, it's huge and is a regional library. The library where I am now is literally a "house" - a very old house at that. So, it will be a delight to move into a new setting, meet new friends and work less hours to spend it with the Ludinator and on doing all the things I love to do.

It does mean, however, leaving people that I've come to consider my family. I'm lucky in that I find "change" exciting and seek it out as a means of "mixin' it up; keepin' it fresh". I think any relationship, be it at home, with family, at work or with friends has to have that element of freshness in order for it to work well. It can work, but working well is key.

This is a stepping stone to retirement for me.....I am very, very excited to take this step and hope that in 5 or 10 years, I can say it was the best thing I ever did, work-wise of course.

I could never do this without the support of my dear L....who encourages me in all my endeavors. Thanks for supporting me in this and for being so willing to accept all that it will mean for us.

Yes, I know how lucky I am!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

3rd Annual Scrappy Day..........

Saturday was the 3rd ANNUAL SCRAPPY DAY.........(these are pictures of the basement before the girls came!!!!)

9 Scrapbookers carted more paper and stickers to my basement than I've ever seen before in my life.....I thought I had a lot of "stuff".

It started at Noon and ran till Midnight and each scrapbooker got her own table, dinner and drinks throughout the day with some extra bonus treats in the evening.

Debbie brought her CRICKET for everyone to try if they were interested and we had a couple of SIZZIX machines and diecuts as well.

I think that everyone had a great time and I've heard from a couple that they got a lot done.....and one of those people was not Janet! In fairness, Janet didn't arrive until after 5:30, but once the cocktails came out, it was all over for Janet.

This is a view of the basement with some of the scrapbookers hard at work!

Get to work, Janet !

Thanks for coming girls....Till next time..........Happy Scrappy Day.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I've Been Busy..............

So much has transpired since I last posted; but I feel like I've done nothing of posting interest, at least.

I did another scrapbook workshop for the library....this was my third. It was well attended and well received and I'm having a very good time doing it. I have three more scheduled at various library branches in the county and I'm excited.

I met with some of the other mothers of kids that my own girls went to school with for dinner this week and it was nice to see them. We've been getting together now every couple of months for the past year or so. It's nice to see them and catch up on what their families are doing.

L's brother Nick came to town for a visit with the family and we had everyone over for a bar-b-que on Sunday. It was a great time but I have to say, I did not take ONE picture.......I'm slipping!!! I didn't take pictures when I met with my PTA/Mom friends and I didn't take pictures at the Kemock picnic! We're trying to get the WHOLE family to come for Christmas Eve - we'll see how successful we are. Life's too short to not step up and try to do what I can to bring the family together. You just never know what the future has in store for you.

kClare is settling in at school...things are looking brighter for her. It's always a rough start at a new school with all it's new surroundings and people. She's waiting for Mac to arrive and then she'll be really, really happy. Mac's bringing her a new iPod too, so that's exciting.

I feel my work with Weight Watchers is reaching a stale place and I'm trying to find the drive to keep it going. Anyone want to drive me there?

Then, on Saturday of Labor Day weekend, we drove out to Madison, Ohio with our friends Pat & Gerry to the Debonne Winery. We cracked open a couple bottles of wine and had appetizers while we listened to the music and enjoyed each other's company. As well as the company of the table next to us. Higher than a kite, they were! And of course, we egged them on to no end! Poor dears! We had dinner out there and then drove over to Crocker Park to see ABBEY ROAD, a Beatle tribute band that wasn't much of a tribute really. More like a "roast". Well, they weren't THAT bad, but they were far from great (the picture came out a little blurry because it was just past dusk). Not like AMERICAN ENGLISH that we saw in Chicago. It was a very fun day.
We labored on Labor Day only slightly by putting up an overhead fan in the girls room; who am I kidding? The girls don't live there anymore :( We're getting overnight company this weekend, so we wanted to spruce up the room - shake out the cobwebs et al.

Our newer rose bush is doing very nicely in the garden. I lost my "Queen Mary" hybrid tea rose last year - very temperamental she was!!! And, L bought me a much hardier variety for Mother's Day. It's VERY hardy and blooming like a son-of-a-gun........I found it sprinkled in dew one morning and so I had to get out there with the camera.The hummingbirds are getting both territorial and scarce. They're fighting for control of the feeder and coming less often. During the summer, they came early, early in the morning and well into dusk. Now, it's either too dewy in the morning or too cold or too dark - something, not sure. But, they still are an amazement to watch. When it's quiet outside, you can hear the propeller-like hum of their wings as they approach the feeder and it's just incredible that something so small could make that sound.

So, that's it for awhile.......Happy Birthday to the dozens of family members sharing birthdays in August and September.