Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day.........

Once again, it's earth day and I hope that everyone is doing what they can to live a green life!

We actually are more active and aggressive with recycling and reusing which is a good thing. I'm having a hard time getting my family to let go of the plastic bottles of water, though. We have a Brita, and I take a reusable water bottle to work - so what's up with the bottles? I've always had a hard time paying for bottled water anyway. I realize there are times when it might be necessary......but, I'm working on them.

I am continuing my "green" mission from last year: I'm doing my part to save on excessive packaging and I now buy my peanut M & Ms in nothing less than a five pound bag! Every little bit helps, I say.

The library has finally decided to get rid of their pesky plastic bags. We're making the move this earth week to replace them with reusable library bags. Each branch gave away about 250 of them last week and will be selling them now for $1 to patrons. It will be a horrible transition for some (it's like taking away a pacifier from a baby), but how can you argue with the good that you're doing by not using plastic.

I'm just as guilty....we have a ton of canvas bags (we get them from conferences and meetings and such) and we've converted most of them to grocery bags and if we could only remember to TAKE THEM INTO THE STORE, we'd be doing good. IF the store did not supply the plastic bags, we'd be sure to remember to bring them in. And that goes for ALL the's time. That's why I was so glad that we are no longer using plastic at the library.

Have a great weekend, and.................GO GREEN....................

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a Grand Wedding it Was............

Liz and Ken were married at a chapel at Case Western Reserve University and the reception was at Wagner's Country Inn. Both events were beautiful and perfectly planned.
Wagner's is a lot different than I remember it. It's actually very beautiful.

Here are a few pictures from the evening............

Friday, April 17, 2009

Well, I Screwed it All Up.....

I was messing with the blog layout and I got it all twisted around and I give up!
I've lost my widgets and my whatchacallits and it won't ever look the same again, I suspect! Maybe I'll figure it out and fix it next week. My bookshelf???? Where did the bookshelf go?

It's a quiet Friday night for us, but not so for some of my family! My cousin is getting married tomorrow and we are all anxious for the big hoolie! It's been quite some time since we've had a wedding in the family and we're all looking forward to it. No doubt I will have artwork tomorrow!

But, back to our quiet Friday night here......we're waiting for kClare to arrive from ISU. She's put a full week/day in at school and work and now is driving the seven hours from Illinois. It makes us that EVER going to stop? I suspect not. She graciously indulges us by calling every so often along the way. I'll be happy when she's home. Tomorrow, we're going to go do some girly things before we have to get ready to go to the wedding and Dad's going to tag along and pay for it all!

Our Easter celebration was quiet this year. Jess is still on the NCL Dawn sailing in the Caribbean with Second City Comedy Club. She takes one more cruise through the Caribbean and then her ship repositions (without she's anxious to see what that's going to be like! What a waste of a good sailing I tell you. They could have called us and we would have come and rode on the boat!) to New York City. It takes a couple of 1 and 2-day "party" cruises. The ship sails from NYC and just loops around out into the ocean and back! Second City doesn't perform on those trips (the ship use their Jean Ann Ryan company) and so she's probably going to spend a few days in NYC with her friend Evan from boat #1. And, kClare is away at school. So, neither of them were here for Easter. We participated in our usual traditional things.....we cooked all the Ukrainian foods and took our basket to church to be blessed and had our breakfast with Chris, Thimi, Cameron and McKeely on Sunday morning. In the afternoon, we got an invitation to go to dinner at my Cousins and we took it. We had a great time but it was a little different without the girls.

kClare has decided to take a job with the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. You can check it out here: She is assistant costume designer on the show A Midsummer Night's Dream. It should be a cool show costume-wise. I think she's excited. No doubt, I will make a trip out there to see it and maybe a quick jaunt into Chicago. I will miss Chicago now that my girls are not living there. Here are a couple of pictures of my weekend with kClare in Normal:
This is kClare's office which undoubtedly must have been a closet in it's former life:
My mother would have loved this picture........
kClare's costume shop buds: Marge, Sarah, kClare and KB

At the opening performance of Our Country's Good which is the play that kClare was the lead costume designer for.....
We are "knee-deep" in Cleveland Feis entries......our registration is down for a lot of reasons. We are in a very post-Michael Flately era, so the bloom is off the rose in that area. There just isn't the swell of interest there was 10 years ago and it's tapering off. As well, the economy has made people be more mindful of where they are spending their money and the families are just not traveling as much as they have in the past. We will have about 1300 dancers come on May 24th and our group has planned for this decline by cutting here and there. This is the last year that I am going to be doing the entries for the Feis; I'll be helping in other ways, but it's a hard job and someone else needs to do it now.

Spring is sooooooo in the air here. Everything is beginning to pop out of the ground. The landscapers have been here to trim the beds, edge them and lay the mulch down (already). So, it even looks pretty. It seemed like such a long winter this year - so it's refreshing. We are supposed to have near 70 degrees tomorrow which is so wonderful.

I've gotten a little lost on my weight loss journey. I've slowly fallen into my old bad habits of eating and I'm paying for it. So, I'm getting out the map and getting back on track. Thanks to my friend Karin and to Jen who have motivated me to get going.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Lazy Afternoon

I'm in Normal.......which is not my "state of mind" but rather the location of kClare and ISU in Illinois. I arrived here on Friday without complications flying from Cleveland through Detroit and landing in Bloomington/Normal at an airport very much like the one in Little Rock, Arkansas. You get off your plane, walk across the tarmac, enter the airport and then step out the front door into the parking lot. Nothing complicated.....kind of refreshing, actually.

It was a pleasure to meet her friends and peers at school...the people that she has mentioned by name these last nine months. It's been nice to put a face to the names now. They all seem to be having as much fun as kClare and they are all so talented.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to find kClare in as good a shape as I found her in; it being "tech week" and all. This week is usually chaotic and filled with lots of "drama", and I was not sure if I'd arrive to a very stressed out kClare.

After a tour, a meeting and something to eat, we saw OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD which is the play that she did costumes for. It's a story about convicts and Royal Marines sent to Australia in the late 1780's as part of the first penal colony there. It was a little "dark"....lots of beatings, starvation, sex with a little nudity thrown in there. But, hey, they were dressed awesomely! kClare tried to convince me that I wouldn't like it, but I think she's been a little too close to it. She's been dealing with it for too long and it's lost it's wonder for her. Although it's not a play that could be described as having a wondrous plot, really. But, I am very proud of her and what she's doing.

On Saturday night we saw ISU's production of EVITA. Being part of the costume department, kClare's role was to assist and she built one of Eva's dresses! Of course, I couldn't take any pictures, but I will post a picture of it later when she gets it. The costume's were lovely for the show - if you know the play (or saw the movie version) you know that Eva was all about the clothes. So, the clothing was a costumers dream show.

Now, kClare and I are lounging around her apartment watching the movie version of EVITA featuring Madonna and Antonio Banderas. She's doing schoolwork and well, I'm blogging.

Later this evening, we'll meet some more of her friends for dinner and I fly home tomorrow morning. I've enjoyed this time with her as I always do with both girls. I think they always enjoy that little bit of home away from home except those moments when I go on about "stop touching your hair" and "would you like me to vacuum in here?" And of course, then there's the shopping!

But, I do miss Lude and home....I hate to travel alone. I was planning to drive here and the closer the weekend got, the more we rethought it. It was pouring when I left Cleveland on Friday and I would have driven home today, and, it's pouring today. I guess we made the right decision then.