Thursday, July 30, 2009

Irish Festival, Irish Festival.............

It's unusual (unless I haven't paid much attention to it), that the two local Irish Festivals should be back to back. But they are.

The Cleveland Irish Festival was held on the weekend of July 24th and the Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival is this coming weekend. It's been some time since I've been to the Dublin Festival and I'm looking forward to it. I'm headed down their with cuz, Cheryl and Auntie M and Uncle B! Ah, and Kelly, too! Meeting my brother, PJ and sister-in-law, Judy there also and looking forward to spending time with them. The band line up at the Dublin Festival looks awesome! Here are some of the new bands that I look forward to seeing this weekend:

Marian Funk
The Kells
Vinegar Hill
O'Kelly & Cotter
Slide Ireland
Irish Fiddle Fetish
Derek Warfield & the Young Wolfe Tones
Troy MacGillivray
Yankee Celtic Consort
Salsa Celtica

They may not ALL be "new" bands, but I've never seen any of them and I am totally stoked! I'm more of a traditional Irish music lover - not so much the rock scene, although I like to hear a little of it and let's face it, where would the Prodigals be without Gregory Grene. I believe he is a traditional music player at heart but their sound is pretty rockish, albeit traditional rock! (Does anyone really look at any other members of that band, really?)

Irish Eye Candy: Not sure what the little boy in the corner is praying for!!!

This past Cleveland Irish festival was, I have to say a bit bore-ish. I think that has to do with the same ole bands. Not that our local talent isn't great....not that the bands they bring in from out of town aren't good (I'll listen to Cherish the Ladies all night long!), but we've been seeing the same bands at the Cleveland Irish Festival for the past 10 years! We did get to see the Screaming Orphans this year - they're new to the festival, I think. Billy McComiskey is playing with a band called The Hedge Band now - they're good (again, very traditional).....but again, more of the same: Cherish the Ladies, Prodigals and Seven Nations. We need more bands. Now, don't get me wrong....a good pint or two, the company of good friends and they all sound good.

Family + pints = Good Bands!
(I'm not sure what was amusing Will, but Kath thought it odd, Laraine not so much and it gave Sean a headache! )

Screaming Orphans:

So, I'm looking forward to the new sounds in Dublin this weekend!

The Kemock clan came for a picnic this past weekend also. What an exciting picnic that was! Lots of little boys! Where are all the girls in this family? We were very blessed with a beautiful sunny day and I did not have to banish all to the basement! The kids actually had a ball, except for those couple of bruises and broken bones! YES, Sean fell from the monkey bars at the Irish Club and broke his arm. So, a trip to the emergency room for them!

Kemock Picnic:

Thank goodness for McKeely, the boys can outnumber us girls! (She's looking a little outnumbered, isn't she?)
See......all boys, one girl:
Kara and her nephews, Nicholas and Andrew:
"Is it REALLY broken, Sean?" (Didn't get the picture, but yep, it was!)

Nick and Scott:
Laura and her Dad, Jim:
Come and get it!
In other news.....kClare has moved (and loves it) and Jess is moving soon (and will love it, I'm sure). I go to see them mid-August for a girls weekend. Hopefully we can do some fun things.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

All the News That's Fit to Blog.................

I find that I am repeating myself alot when I say: "We've been busy".

So, I evaluated that and have discovered that the opposite of "busy" would be:

idle (or bone-lazy)
basically bored!

and, because I don't like any of those words, I am very happy with busy. I am grateful that I can say that we're busy, without stress. Or just busy with happy stuff!

Either way.........we ARE just plain busy.

The condo has keep us especially busy. It's our crazy goal to be able to advertise it for rent by August 1st. The new furnace is installed and the carpet comes on Wednesday. The painting is just about finished and then the cleaning will commence. It's hard to squeeze all this in while we're working, but it's coming together.

Cheryl and I spent the day scrapbooking last Saturday. Having hosted 12 hour crops myself, I was looking forward to being an attendee and the crop was about 10 minutes from Cheryl's, so she was doubly excited. I can't believe how fast the day went. I was worried that I might

1. Get bored and want to leave by 5 (it was 9-9)
2. Run out of things to scrapbook
3. Forget to bring half of what I wanted to work on

But, none of the above happened and we had a GREAT time.....created yet MORE memories to scrapbook! Thanks, cuz. You're the best.

The New Barleycorn played at the Westlake concert in the park series Sunday evening and we went over there with Dad for a very enjoyable evening with Uncle Bernie and Aunt Maureen.

WHAT - is that Lude TEXTING while Irish music is playing??? Might be why he never goes to the Irish Festival.........which is coming up!!! Both of them: Cleveland and Dublin....headed for both!

Things have been uncertain at work......the Governor's state budget was approved and it means over 30% cuts to libraries (as well as other very valuable state services including safety and social services). It will mean cuts at our library which is going to be difficult. In the nearly 20 years that I've been with the library, there have not been as drastic steps taken to belt-tighten, however, these are drastic times.

I am very much looking forward to a visit with the girls in Chicago (my kind of town!). I'm not sure what kinds of things we'll do, but if there's time, I'd like to get to Oak Park to see some of the Frank Lloyd Wright commissioned homes. There are scads of them in Oak Park. One of these days (it keeps getting postponed) we're going to make a trip to Falling Water in PA and maybe one day we will get out to Taliesin in Wisconsin. But, I'm most interested in the rock inclusion at Falling Water. Both girls are in the process of moving. kClare is changing apartments at school to live with another student closer to campus. This will avoid driving so much and just generally being close to school. Jess is moving into her own place with another girl in the Lincoln Park area. She likes to have that "settled" feeling and is unsettled until she gets it. She isn't planning on having a car this time in Chicago, so she's learning how to get around.

Lude and I spent the day Friday visiting the wineries of Erie and Sandusky county. We chose about six of them and headed out early in the morning and returned around 3. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Lolita in Tremont hoping to see Michael Simon, who owns the restaurant, but no luck now that he's a big TV star!

Today, our friends came for a cookout. The guys (Lude included) became friends in their early 20's when they worked and went to college together. They all sort of met women around the same time and heck if it don't beat all, we all got married the same year (with the exception of one couple). That was a very busy summer. We have lost one of their good friends, Bob, a couple years back - he is missed and a reminder not to take life and good health for granted. We get together now a couple times a year to catch up on what's going on. And, now, the kids are getting married and having children......hard to believe.
Have a great week. I suspect it will be another busy one for us...............................Festival next weekend; don't forget!

And, KEMOCK'S? Come on down! Sunday. 1:00!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Graveyard Shift.............

We're not quite sure what they're teaching kClare over there at that college, but now, she's hanging out in graveyards with her friends on her day off from the theatre!

They decided to do a photo shoot at the cemetery and I do have to say, they are great pictures.

She's declared a new hobby......(hopefully it's about photography and not about cemeteries!)

Here are a few..........

That's life in Normal.......................

Red, White and Blog News

Cousin Erin had her annual 4th of July party (on the 3rd of July.....she can never get it just right!) and as usual, there was food and family galore.

Cousin, Lynda's brother visited with his family for the holiday and we salute him, as well as all of the serving and past serving military of the family as he returns to Afghanistan once again. We wish him and his family God's blessings and hope for a speedy and safe return.

At the close of the evening was the wonderful display of fireworks right from Erin's driveway.

Ahhhh, a house with a view......
There was a lot of Red, White and Blue clothes...............

HEY, Look What Time it is..........

04:05:06 07-08-09


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Been an Interesting Ordeal......But, By Jove, I Think We've Got It

We closed yesterday on the investment condo that we've been trying to purchase since the beginning of the year.
Considering the atmosphere of all the markets out there, retirement investments as well as real estate, we just thought this was a better way to go with our retirement money this year.

So, if it doesn't work out, can we come live with you????

Here are some before pictures.....stay tuned for the after pictures!

And, if you're in the market for a 1-bedroom rental, let us know.