Sunday, October 24, 2010

Library Peeps

We got together and purchased fun T-Shirts to wear on casual weekends at the Library.
I work with a bunch of fun people!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

They're Doing It Again................

The girls are working really hard....

kClare and I text during Project Runway just about every Thursday and it's fun sharing our thoughts on the designers and the clothing. This week is the final episode....the designers are off to Bryant Park. I don't want to spoil it for Jess (because I don't think she's seen last week's episode) but the three designers left are three very talented designers.

But life is hectic for her. Her classes, the classes she teaches, Senior year, the shop, working, graduating, upcoming holidays.....all of it. It's a lot.

I can't believe we talked about graduation. And, moving to Chicago. I'm excited for the girls to be together again - they're looking forward to it.

And, Jess is all moved into her new old apartment! She moved back to her old apartment above ORSO'S in Old Town. And, she's going on the Main Stage at Second City in Chicago. She's coming off the touring company for the holiday and she's very excited about it. We're hoping to get up there to see the show.

She was recently home for a visit...a short and sweet visit.

I miss them......

Sunday, October 17, 2010


We were back to Pennsylvania this weekend for a wedding. Lude's cousin, Dave's daughter Jen was married and it was a wonderful trip back.

It was so great to see all of his cousins and their spouses and some of the their children (who, of course, are now adults!!!, many married with their OWN children!).

We need a family chart to keep them all straight - not seeing them often doesn't help!

Here are some pictures.....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I can't believe that it's been six years already.

Even so, a day does not go by that I don't think of her and wish I could give her a hug!

Miss you, Mom!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jess is here from Chicago. She arrived on Friday and we took her to her beloved RED LOBSTER for her birthday dinner. (She's so down to earth!) She loves the "endless shrimp fest" and they always seem to have it around her birthday. She belongs to the club - brings her own coupons and everything!

It's so nice to have her "HOME".....I think that no matter where they go, when they come to be with us, it will always feel like home. Some day, the dynamics of it will change once again and she'll have a different feeling about it....but for now? I'll take it!

Having to move and her touring schedule and work have left her desiring a weekend of just plain vegging! So, that's basically what she's doing! Shopping, eating, sleeping late, laying around and throw in a load of wash or two and you've got a good vegging plan.

She is just here for a couple days, but it doesn't matter - we'll take whatever we can!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

There's a First Time for Everything.....

Today, another culinary first on the oval!

Delicious...Deep fried turkey with all the trimmings: sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and home made rolls!

Hey, Look What Time it Is............

at 10:10 today it will be

10:10 10/10/10

Whoooaaaaa.....That's a Perfect 10.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fondue & Family........

We went to the Melting Pot tonight and, well, the rest is history!
Veggies, cheese, bread, lobster, fillet, scallops, chicken, shrimp........and let's not forget the chocolate with cheesecake, marshmallows, strawberries.....YUM

Served by the charming Danny Wallenhorst! Good to see you Dan!

Had a great time, Cheryl & Rick....

How about?

"Vamos a comer COMIDA Mexicana!"

Friday, October 8, 2010


In a matter of a few short hours............another sign that summer is fading and fall is here!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


All the sights, sounds and smells of Fall....

Apples and apple cider!
Pumpkin pie!
Bringing out the comforter and the afghans!
Leaves burning!
Wood stoves fired up!
Warm and fuzzy sweaters!
A heavy rain that brings down all the leaves!
Garden clean up!
Football games and marching bands!
Dried cornstalks against the lamp post!
Seeing your breath in the morning!

And the one we don't like: sunsets at 5:30 PM! (You know it's coming!)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Thanks, ladies for making SCRAPPY DAY #9 a success.
Look for #10 in January or February.

We'll celebrate the TENTH Scrappy Day together with prizes and specials.

Speaking of special.......A special thanks to my husband Lude, for everything he does and cooks! I'm beginning to think these ladies come for his great cooking skills!

Here's a couple pictures from Saturday........


.....I would be eating my words this year!

Here's a video clip Lude took of me zipping in Honduras.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I owe you vacation photos.

It's been crazy catching up with things since we got back from our cruise and then this past weekend was Scrappy Day (pictures tomorrow!!!), so like I said: CRAZY.

I don't want to bore you with all the details (really, you don't want to know!!), but suffice it to say it was one of our best vacations.

We had dinner with Nick, Joy, Mark and mother-to-be, Kara in Orlando before we set sail for the western Caribbean. And, our girls called ahead to have our cabin decorated for our birthdays, so that was a great surprise when we got there.

Talk of MANY storms throughout the region caused us to stop making port plans because it was possible we weren't even going to end up at the original ports. But, we never saw more than a couple drops of rain for the whole 8 days as we sailed to Belize City, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico and Roatan, Honduras and lastly Costa Maya, Mexico.

Hurricane Igor went one way and Hurricane Julia went the other way and neither crossed our path. Even Tropical Storm, Matthew couldn't keep up with us as we sailed out of Belize! Our ship, the Carnival Dream was rerouted to the Eastern Caribbean last week! So, we missed it by a couple weeks!

We loved the ship - it was the biggest ship we've been on and we were a little anxious about the number of people that were going to be on with us. But, we've been in larger crowds on smaller ships and it was never noticeable at all, so that was nice. We met some very nice people; people that would stop us anywhere on the ship and say "hey, how's your vacation going so far?"

The food and service was probably the best we've had on ships and the ports were beautiful. Of course, you stray away from the immediate port and you see all the signs of poverty and hardship and it's hard to "be on vacation" and see them live reality day to day in those conditions. Makes you glad to live in America.

I think that nothing beats the views of Alaska so far, but this Central American cruise was wonderfully relaxing, we enjoyed just spending the one-on-one time together (along with 2,999 other passengers) and we would definitely return to some of the areas.

Lude's little addition to my DOD
In Costa Maya....our last port before returning home (I told you: cut offs and flip flops for 7 days.....I think I did it!)
The main pool area of the Lido deck and as you can see, there aren't all that many people crowding the popular areas. We were surprised.
OH the highlights for me is that I zip-lined in Honduras. It was AWESOME and I can't wait to do it again (this time with my eyes open!) See me? The little blip in the center of the picture across the valley!
Some of the yummy food.....Lude's Tiramisu. More than any other cruise, they always took time to "plate" the food very elaborately. Watching a little too much TOP CHEF, I suppose!
We took so many self portraits!!! As the girls would say "cut/paste"! This was one evening at the Comedian's show
Cozumel, Mexico
Our favorite place to hang out on the ship was the adults only, Serenity Deck. some of the best places to hang out and not a lot of crowds. It was not unusual to come up to the this deck and just see people sleeping and reading quietly. Someone that we'd met earlier in the trip took this picture of us when they stopped by to say hello! They would come along with a tray full of wet washcloths that they'd been storing in the freezer! How "cool" is that when it's 90 degrees with 70% humidity?
San Francisco-vs-New Orleans - Monday night football on the Lido deck with some yummy pizza!
This picture is of two boys that I do not know (I didn't get a release signed either, so I hope their parents don't see it), but I could not resist taking it and sharing it. This was taken on our last day at sea after leaving Mexico. And, it's a picture that can say SO MANY me, it says, LOOK AT US, WE'VE BEEN TO MEXICO! I chuckle every time I look at this picture.
We often just hung out on our balcony reading and enjoying the ocean as we sailed along!
Yummy soups in the dining room.......for this trip, we tried Carnival's new "anytime dining". We did the freestyle cruising on NCL and figured it CAN work. It's nice not to HAVE to go to dinner either at 5:30 or 8. We could go anytime we wanted between 5:45 and 8:45. And, if we didn't want to go then, there were always dozens of other eating options onboard!
This was taken in Roatan, Honduras at Mahogany Bay Beach resort. We were the only ship in port that day, so the beach was not very crowded and we rented this clam shell to go over our lounge chairs and I got this picture of Lude chillaxin'
We visited Altan Ha, home to some of Mexico's Mayan ruins in Belize. It was pretty amazing...the whole idea of it. I have to read up more on it.

So, there you have it in a nutshell. There's so much more to tell about and pictures to see.....but, you'll have to wait for the scrapbook!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cards, Ceiles, Cellphones......

We went to Aunt M & Uncle B's for Tripoly recently which is always a lot of fun. We had to split up into two groups because my cousin and his family arrived from Illinois. The more the merrier as they say......actually, more pennies!!!

The girls and guys got deep in conversation about cellphones and their purposes and our discussion turned to the fact that we need to create new etiquette rules about cellphone use! Our society just isn't dealing well with the role of cellphones in public and private settings.

I didn't get the shot just right because my battery was dying and I could only fire off one shot at a time before the camera shut down! But at one point, the guys all had their phones out and in the center of their little conversation and it just looked so funny.
And next week, Kelly goes to Boston to take her teaching here, she is teaching a ceili to a group to help her be more comfortable with the teach portion of the exam. GOOD LUCK, KELLY

The Last One

Wasted at the Wake did their last show at the club a few weeks back....I'm glad that we were able to go over and hear them one more time!......It's been great!

Laurie's Looking Lovely

We visited with Laurie on Friday....she's been out with a bum leg!
Come back soon!

Happy Birthday to Me.....

For my birthday, Chef Lude prepared a clambake for me.....YUM. The weather is taking it's turn towards fall and in the evening we lit a fire and sat outside enjoying the evening AND the stars.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


My church choir recently had a golf outing.....not many golfed and we got through about 15 holes before the heavens opened up and poured down on us, but it was great fun. Here are a few pictures from that event.

Dinner afterwards was great. We wanted to eat outside, but the rain never really let up that night.