Thursday, March 18, 2010

HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY to everyone! We enjoyed a lovely dinner of corned beef and cabbage with family today. The kitchen warrior out-did himself, once again! I'm blessed that I know the "Tallest Leprechaun" and the "cutest Leprechaun" in the world!

The Wine and the Guinness and the stories were flowing..........

Thanks for making it such a grand St Patrick's Day.
CAN'T WAIT......................

I'm going to see her show, "Candide" which is promising to be funny, whitty and just a little crazy! But, I know the costumes will be top-notch!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today, Lude was confirmation sponsor for his "great-nephew" Brian. And, Brian truly IS a GREAT nephew. Lude was very proud to have been asked by Brian and finds it even more meaningful because he also sponsored Brian's father, Jim in Confirmation years ago (we won't tell anyone how many years ago, Jimmy!)
It was interesting that in the ceiling of the church there was this lovely rendition of the Holy Spirit shining down on all of them.
There were over 130 confirmandi and we sat all the way in the back of the church. I'm getting the hang of our new camera and I got this shot from the back with NO flash!This is Brian with his parents, Jim & Debbie and his sister Maggie. Brian's mother is an excellant cake decorator.
Brian took us up to his room to show us SOME of his gymnastic awards.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


No, not the new phone books!!!

The puffy breasted red robins of spring........................tons of them in my yard In the snow. Already digging under the snow and kicking up the mulch!

Not sure if I should be happy or freaked out!

Oh what the heck........


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NUNSENSE..............I went to see Nunsense with a group of friends. jJoy was in Nunsense back at Bowling Green....she was Sister Mary Leo! So, seeing the play again after all these years was fun.

It's been a very long time since the five of us girls have been together and we go way back.....

Our husbands worked summer jobs together when they were in college and we all got married around the same time...some of us within two weeks of each other.

Times have changed for many of us....we've spent time together, laughed, moved, raised families, been through sickness and death, had children marry and give us grandchildren and experienced divorce....but through it all, we still enjoy a friendship that stands the test of time.

I am glad that we have come back together and I hope that we can continue to do things together.

I missed you gals! Flanagan's Wake

Our good friend, Flanagan passed, like all good Irishmen, we went to the wake. On February 12th, I treated Dad for his birthday and took him to see Flanagan's Wake at the Playhouse. We'd seen it once before and we all enjoyed it. I wasn't sure how he'd like it this time because his hearing isn't the greatest, but I'm here to tell you he laughed with the best of them. They sat us in the front row, so he got a lot of attention which he always enjoys.

Here are some great pictures from that night............
Cheryl, Maureen, Bernie and Dad
Marty and Cindy with Father...
Herself with Declan....

The reading of the will

It was a lot of fun...............

CONGRATULATIONS once again to Kara & Mark.....don't they make a handsome couple?

Here's Lude's brother, Nick with his youngest sweet is that? You both look GREAT!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Is always a lot of fun. Lude's niece Laura and his nephew Chris and their families are really the only Kemocks left in town. We try hard to have regular get togethers so that we can keep each other in our lives. We used to do a lot more of that in the McCafferty family, but in the past five years we've sort of branched off and begun to do our own thing a little more.

The kids always have a great time and the adults get to keep connected as well.

The theme for this night was "HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY".....Here are a few pictures of

This is David and Morgan instructing Cam and McKeely on how to play Pokemon.....

Happy Un-Birthday everyone!

My Scrapbook buddy & cousin Cheryl and I recently attended an all day Scrapbook was tons of fun and I got a lot done. It was nice to meet new friends and visit with lots of old friends and to be an attendee instead of running around hosting.....I'm going to attend more of these!!!

I found this while driving in Parma was too funny to not stop and take a picture of it because you KNOW I never go anywhere without my camera for this very reason!!!
This one's for you, jJoy

When is it going to looks like we had a record amount of snow in February......not the highest record, but it's not a record I'd like to continue shooting for if you don't mind. I shot a couple pictures of Lude out playing in the snow!

I realize it's been a while since I posted last. I've actually been pretty busy and haven't had the time. I've had some writers block.....haven't found anything interesting or funny to say. But, I'm also discovering mixed feelings about the blog.

I've been watching Facebook.....L has an account and he welcomed me to check it whenever I felt like it. I liked checking it to see what the girls were up to and that was nice.

But I saw a lot of "angst" on Facebook. People specifically commenting on or specifically NOT commenting on the happenings of other's lives and I was a little embarrassed and saddened by it. So, I've stopped visiting his facebook site although the girls will call and tell him to show me something specific and he will.

But then, there's that odd behavior by friends and family.

Which brings me to the mixed feelings about the blog. I won't kid myself and think that thousands visit my blog. But I am grateful for the few followers that I have and hope they will continue to visit.

Back to my return...........and to FIRST THINGS FIRST.

I wanted to wish kClare BEST OF LUCK at SETC. SETC is an annual theatre convention being held in Lexington, KY this weekend and she is going with other members from her school. At this convention there will be design competitions and auditions, keynote speakers in all the areas of theatre, performances, job fairs, networking opportunities, classes etc. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's the technical equivalent of ACTF or maybe ACTF on a different level? Not sure, but I know she's excited and hoping to make the best of her time there. SO, good luck kClare. Have fun and be safe. As well, Congrats on a successful run of "Streetcar Named Desire"...the photos look GREAT.

SECONDLY, congrats to jJoy on making the Second City touring group. You can visit her cast bio at this page www.secondcity.performances/ontour/cast. She's going to be visiting a lot of cities including Greenville and Athens, TN, New Haven CT, Peekskill and Brentwood NY, Billings MT (not sure how they popped that one in there!) and of course a dozen or more shows in Chicago on the main stage. As well, her part in Breakfast Club, the Musical as the "Molly Ringwald" character at the iO theatre in Chicago, has had good success (although I know she wishes it were funnier!). So, Congrats to jJoy on those successes.

The girls make us so proud.

Some pictures.....

From Streetcar Named Desire

Second City 50th Anniversary Celebration

Advertising Poster from BREAKFAST CLUB The Totally 80s MusicalAnd, thanks for reading..................