Thursday, June 17, 2010

Extreme Makeover.....Club Style !

The Irish Club is getting a makeover.......pretty exciting!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jess is being funny again....................this one cracked us up! She and her friend, Mike, have made a number of sketch comedy videos and this one had us rolling on the to speak!

Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fr Flynn celebrated 50 years of the priesthood with some awesome parties.
We attended a private party at the Ahern Catering Center in Avon; a meal like I've never had from Ahern before! YUM.

The Noel Henry Irish Showband was the entertainment in the main hall and they played lots of music for dancing....then in the small hall, there was a ceili band for all the sets and step dancing! Everyone Irish was there! It was a fabulous evening.

The next night, he treated the members of his parish to a dance in the church hall with again, the Noel Henry Irish Showband and lots of dancing.

Congrats, Father Tom
We were honored to attend the baby shower of kClare's friend, Leah.

It was held on kClare's birthday, so the visit was "double-duty"....nice to be with Kath as she turned 28!

Leah and Mike are expecting a baby girl ANY day now!!!!

I know she's anxious, nervous, excited....probably exhausted, too!

Hang in can look forward to a lifetime of joy, fun and wonderful memories!!

Some pictures from Leah & Mike's "Nursery Rhyme" theme baby shower.

Table decorations............a different nursery rhyme at each table.
The Parents to be with best friend, kClare..........Happy Birthday, Kath

Leah's Mom is going to be a Grandma!!!!
I've never seen so many presents............
Leah, practicing her MOM skills..... Congrats and best wishes................
And, YEP, last weekend was Feis weekend. Before the Feis, we gathered with family for dinner, taking advantage of the lovely weather on the LoneTree patio! And, with Feis weekend, comes the visit of my brother PJ and his wife Judy....always fun.

We used a new computer software and management group to do our competitions this year, so it's been a learning process on our part! But, basically, if you have the background working with the other software products out there to run a Feis, you can transition easily. It's been great working with Joe Sottnik of He's extremely responsive and has a good perspective on the needs of those running a Feis. I got to meet his wife, Brigid and after the Feis was over, Joe sat down with us and we reviewed the day and he and Brigid gave us some suggestions. We had a few snags, but those were built into the learning curve for this year. Next year - look out! All in all, I believe we staved off a lot of the drama. Still a few out there, but what would a Feis be without it's share of DRAMA???? Nothing, I tell you!

These are pictures from the tabulating room.....lots of people inputting scores on the new system.

Again this year, Dad was the sponsor of the State of Ohio Dancing Championship and wouldn't you know it....the girl that won it last year won again in 2010! (See my post of June 2, 2009 for her picture of last year!!!)

She must be good!!! Judged to be first by 5 judges!

Extra, all about it!,41859/

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Over the weekend, we celebrated the high school graduation of our niece Teresa.....
Our nephew, (Teresa's brother) came to town to do the cooking with his chef friends and of course, the food was wonderful.
Great job, Chef Martin.
Teresa had a very fun was in the shape of a stack of pancakes (which she loves).
What will they think of next????

Congratulations, Teresa
This was a busy weekend for us.....Friday evening our neighbors came over and we sat around the patio and swapped builder stories!!! Now THAT was interesting! We're cooking up a block, we'll see how that goes!

On Saturday, our Aunt & Uncle celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. After a mass at St. Ladislas, we had dinner at St Clarence church in their hall with music by some of the Stamper boys! It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with lots of family. We were lucky to have PJ & Judy in town for this event.

Happy Anniversary, and we hope you get to celebrate many, many more!

That night, we no sooner laid our heads on the pillow when the alarms went off signaling time to go to church once again!

The Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart held their annual Communion Breakfast at St Patrick's in Cleveland.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "what would the McCafferty kids be doing at an Abstinence event????

Well, this year, our Dad was honored by being named Pioneer of the year by the Cleveland Chapter and he was the guest and honoree at this event. Dad has been a Pioneer for over 50 years and although it didn't necessarily rub off on us, it's something we are very proud of on his behalf. You know our Dad....he's so quiet and shy! He sure looked proud! Our niece Kaetlyn was the guest speaker and spoke so eloquently on heritage and family. She even dazzled us with a little Gaelic.....There were SO many of my Dad's good friends there, it was so great. The Emerald Village even got a bus to take some of the residence down to the event. Congratulations, Dad.