Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bloggin' and Scrappin'......check it out

Sunday, August 22, 2010

So, we're catching up on our TOP CHEF......we were unable to watch it on Wednesday, so we're watching it now.


I can't believe that Kenny went home last week! He's such a good cook. Such drama!


OK...I'm back.

It was an interesting challenge. Taking common dishes and disguising them.

Tiffany...the winner! She's had a great season so far!!!

It's so unusual to see Angelo on the bottom this week. I'll be sad if Angelo or Angela go home today.

PLEASE, let it be Alex!'s ALEX.....bye-bye

Thursday, August 19, 2010

On Thursday, I went to "Bonnet Town" with Aunt Maureen, Uncle Bernie and Cheryl.

It was warm, but not as bad as it's been in the past weeks, and it was an extremely relaxing day. We bought a few things here and there....and Cheryl found some time!

And of course, we ate! Amish food! You just never know how it's going to be sometimes...this place wasn't the best I've there is, but I've eaten there before and it was better. Oh well.

The way to Bonnet Town:

THANKS, fam!

We try to get over to Put-in-Bay at least once a year during the summer. This year, good friends, Tim & Linda went with us and our visit was pretty interesting!

We boarded the Miller's Ferry around Noon to lots of chatter about the last ferry that went over and the fact that a car went off the edge of the ferry and into the water!

As we approached the island, everyone scrambled to the edge (with cameras in hand...) to catch a glimpse of the guy who couldn't keep his foot on the brake.

As it turns out, it was a plane!

Here's the article from the paper:

PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio -- Everyone on board survived when a four-passenger plane plummeted into Lake Erie off the southwest corner of South Bass Island about 11:35 a.m. Friday.

The only reported injury in the crash, at least the second in that spot since 1994, was a young woman with a bruise.

People commenting online are calling it the Miracle on Lake Erie, a reference to last year's "Miracle on the Hudson" when a U.S. Airways pilot ditched his crippled plane in the Hudson River, saving everyone onboard.

In the Friday crash, police say, pilot Mark Neal was flying from Canton, Mich., to the Put-in-Bay airport. He was about a half-mile away when the power on his plane cut out.

He tried to restart the engine. No luck. He tried again. Time for Plan B.

Neal, 61, who could not be reached for comment, turned his 1977 Cessna turboplane toward the William Market ferry, operated by the Miller Boat Line, and landed in the lake about 150 feet from the pier, according to police.

Neal, of Westland, Mich., escaped through the plane's left side door and pulled 21-year-old Ashley Braunstein, of Detroit, through its luggage hatch. Amber McClure, 21, of Detroit, and Michael Reddy, 67, of Westland, Mich., got out through the left side door.

McClure had the only reported injury.

Deckhands on the ferry grabbed a life ring and life jackets and threw them into the water for the plane's passengers.

Jake Market, 20, stood over a ladder lowered over the side of the boat. Another deckhand helped the downed plane's passengers pull themselves over a ramp usually reserved for cars.

In 90 seconds, the passengers were onboard the ferry, according to Market. Within three minutes, he said, the plane was submerged in 22 feet of water.

"This is the fastest any of us have ever had to react," said Market, who trains once a week to pull in passengers who've fallen overboard. He said he's never seen a plane crash like this before.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the accident.

No foul play is suspected, said Sgt. Eric Short, of the Sandusky post of the State Highway Patrol, which began the investigation and responds to all plane crashes in the area.

The U.S. Coast Guard, Ohio Division of Watercraft and Put-in-Bay fire and police departments responded. Rescue Marine, in Marblehead, is working to recover the plane.

By the time we got over to the island, the plane was already completely submerged, however, the dock was filled with emergency vehicles on hand to take the plane passengers to the hospital.

We rented a golf cart and it was at the cart rental place that they told us about the plane.

We jetted around the island eating (lobster bisque - YUM), tasting wines (Pinot Grigio - YUM), shopping, sweating and swinging! Love the new bar with the big swings and all the sand! Fun.

When we returned to the Miller's Ferry dock to board for home, there were so many police - I've never seen a scene where so many agencies were present.
While we waited, they brought a barge in with a big crane on it and got in position to bring the plane up. Of course, we didn't get to see anything except a few divers in the water!

It was good that no one was seriously hurt. (We are still waiting to hear what two sixty-year old men were doing flying to Put-in-bay with two twenty-year old girls! Busted? We might never know!)

Back in Catawba, there were several news channels broadcasting about all the hoopla!

We really had a great time....we needed to get away!

Saw the High Kings at the Club this past week.

They really are AWESOME.....and not bad to look at either!
FINALLY......the neighbors got together and we planned a Block Party.
Simple.....but a get together just the same.

Several people did the initial planning.....getting a tent, cornhole, bocci ball, badminton games, tables and chairs, the grill, the hot dogs.......

Everyone came bearing wonderful "sides" to share.

But most of all.....we got to actually meet and spend time with neighbors.

Hopefully this will be a yearly event.

Here are some pictures to share.....

Lude, John and Steve putting the tent up:

Meet the neighbors......

See you around the neighborhood............
So, I'm back peddling again!!! I'm behind in my posting.

What can I's been crazy busy around here.

I posted recently that Dad fell and broke his arm....(skinned his knees and got stitches too, but he's over that!). The doctors originally told us that he would be okay without having surgery but it was later determined that he should have surgery to repair the break. Then, they told us they would most likely go "in" through the shoulder and into the socket and down with a rod and affix the arm bone to that. It was very worrisome to me that he might then need to recover for months, and months from shoulder surgery.

But, we were pleasantly surprised when on the day of the surgery they decided that they would put a plate in through the arm. He did very well through the surgery; he was the surgery center's "Star Patient" that day. I asked if there was a cash prize for that and well, they laughed! HAHA

So, he's recovering well. The first couple of days were rough for him....but each day is better. His spirits are rising and he's wanting to get out and around. I'm glad.

Time heals all wounds......

What time IS it?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey, look what time it is............

8/9/10 11:12

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long Beach, CA
DePaul University, IL
Ann Arbor, MI
Storm lake, IA
Ottumwa IA
Watertown, SD
Salt Lake City, UT

A busy week for the Second City RedCo cast.....have fun....make 'em laugh!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Kemock picnic was another success....considering they predicted thunderstorms for Sunday, it incredibly successful. Can you imagining needing to coop up 7 little boys!!!???? How cruel is that?

See for yourself!


For Dad (he's recovering, but beginning to feel very down)
For Patty
For Gerry
For Carrie
For Laurie
For Nancy

Such a dark cloud hanging over these days..........OUT WITH YOU!