Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally, season 9 has begun. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the length of time between seasons, so it's hard to know when it's going to begin, but it seems like forever since Season 8 finished up. I kept asking kClare if she knew when it was going to start and one time she responded "I'm not sure, maybe soon, because we got the invitation to audition!!". Maybe one day we'll see HER on PR!

Again, I hate that it starts at 9 PM, but like that it's an hour and a half. They did something different at the beginning by first, airing an episode right before the first official episode that introduced each designer and gave you a glimpse at their interview. I didn't know they were going to do that, so I missed it, but I'm sure I'll catch it on the reruns!!!

Then, they brought 20 designers to the first episode and eliminated 4 in the first half hour leaving the final 16. They did eliminate 1 designer the first night as well.

According to the reality rumor mill, Project Runway: All-Stars could possibly be broadcast in Fall.

Here are designers that, according to rumor, COULD be contestants!
Austin Scarlett - Season 1
Wendy Pepper - Season 1
Kara Saun - Season 1
Jay McCarroll - Winner of Season 1
Daniel Franco - Seasons 1 & 2
Andrae Gonzalo - Season 2
Nick Verreos - Season 2
Kara Janx - Season 2
Santino Rice - Season 2
Chloe Dao - Season 2
Malan Breton - Season 3
Vincent Libretti - Season 3
Kayne Gillaspie - Season 3
Uli Herzner - Season 3
Laura Bennett - Season 3
Jack Mackenroth - Season 4
Ricky Lizalde - Season 4
Rami Kashou - Season 4
Christian Siriano - Season 4
Korto Momolu - Season 5
Leanne Marshall - Season 5
Christopher Straub - Season 6
Carol Hannah Whitfield - Season 6
Irina Shabayeva - Season 6
Maya Luz - Season 7
Jay Nicolas Sario - Season 7
Emilio Sosa - Season 7
Seth Aaron Henderson - Season 7

The judges will be:
Heidi Klum, Michael Kors & Nina Garcia and the mentor will be Tim Gunn.

The twist will be that Project Runway alumni from both Canada and the U.S. will be competing to see who will be the next great fashion designer! With that being said, there will be a marathon style challenge to determine who will get to represent their season in Project Runway: All Stars (similar to the semifinal challenge in season 2, but with the twist of having to create the dress within the workroom, which is currently to be determined, with unique materials, a limited budget, and time constraints!). It has been undetermined how many will be eliminated and how many will compete, but the competition will be fierce...who will be the champion of North vs. South?

That said, the alumni from Project Runway Canada are rumored to be:
Marie Genvieve - Season 1
Lucian Matis - Season 1
Evan Biddell - Season 1
Baylor Orlando - Season 2
Adejoké Taiwo - Season 2
Genevieve Graham - Season 2
Jason Meyers - Season 2
Jessica Biffi - Season 2
Sunny Fong - Season 2

Brian Bailey will be a co-mentor with Tim Gunn.
Iman will be a recurring guest judge for the competition.

They say we should also see a Project Runway Accessories Show.....hmmm!

Carry on........Make it Work!............

Monday, July 25, 2011

I've just started back blogging and already I'm behind, but, I have something NEW to blame that on!!

For Christmas, Lude bought me an iPad. I'd coveted them from afar, but wasn't really ready to own one, so didn't ask for it. We're not extravagant gift buyers, and this was more money than I would have been willing to go out and spend on something like this. I knew very little about them other than they were "cool" and let's face it, life's more fun with "cool" stuff, agreed?

After several days of uncertainty, Lude now describes my iPad as "attached to my hip" along with all the other things in my life that I love. Nice visual, eh? Gobs of stuff attached to my hips. No wonder I have trouble getting clothes to fit.

As a result?, my basement desktop misses me because I can do everything on iPad. I'm still trying to work around it, but you can't post to Blogger from iPad. Apple and Google aren't "friends" yet!!! I know how they feel, I had that problem on Facebook, that's why I'm off.

So, what I currently do is blog on my iPad ap called, "notepad" than email the posts to myself, and then cut/paste to Blogspot!'s not a terribly big deal, but it's about 3 extra steps that don't fit into my day just yet. Thus, it's not getting done.

Anyway you look at it, I'm behind......

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today was the annual Kemock picnic. Everyone's scattered around the country and once during the summer we get the opportunity to come together. Nick was sick, so unable to travel up, but we were treated to a visit by a new face at the Kemock picnic this year....

William is Kara and Mark's son. He's such a cutie!!!! He was just born this past January so he's at that age where he's aware of everything around him, pretty much not afraid of anyone and too young to crawl away, making him the contained center of attention at the picnic.

Easily outdone, however by the young boys of the family.

Summer picnics can be hampered by both rain AND extreme heat making your event housebound which was our case. We don't have much to amuse boys that age here. They were unimpressed by our vintage 1980's Strawberry Shortcake dolls, to say the least.

This is one of my favorites of all the pictures I took at the picnic.....Lude has this reputation for being able to mimic the "Ukrainian War Chant" (as MY Irish mother dubbed it!) which is just a lulling process taught to HIM by HIS mother when Jessica was small. It's simple, everyone does it without even knowing it, but when you go straight to it, they're out-like-a-light in seconds! Knowing this process is successful, Mark is determined to record it for future reference......

But, it all turned out great....this year everyone brought something, which makes our day all that much easier.

We SKYPED with Nick which was good and for a changed we had one of our own kids here.

Kathleen is here for the long week and so she got to visit with everyone.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We went out for breakfast and to the farmers market was a lot of fun.
I will hate when kClare goes home!

Friday, July 22, 2011

When you have to work so hard at it.....that's when you know it's really broken!

Jessica's show has been going great guns.

Here are a couple of the have to read the full content to pick out all the highlights.

(BTW....she goes by "Jessica Joy" and is often referred to by "Joy"),0,4467481.column

Color us PROUD!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lots of things have happened since October of 2010 when I was last actively blogging.

I won't bore you with all the ramblings, but some of the highlights are that kClare got her MFA from Illinois State University. After graduation, she took a class and attended the Prague Quadrennial in Prague, Czech Republic. She was there for three weeks with the others in her program along with 30,000 other students from around the world! Her enthusiasm for this trip is very exciting.....we've watched maybe 2500 of the 3500 vacation slides!!!

Here's Clare being hooded by her Advisor, Lauren Lowell.

Friends from the MFA Program: Steven, Marly, Adam, kClare and Cassie....BFFs

Very, very proud parents!

The Graduate

We're very proud of her....she worked very hard to get to this point in her life and we hope that she continues to have success.

Jess is at the top of her game at Second City....she's written and performs in SKY'S THE LIMIT....Weather Permitted! You can check it out on this website:

I saw the show this past week while in Chicago for several days and it's great. The press got a look at it last night and already, it's been JEFF recommended!!! The Jeff Awards are coveted in the theatrical world. So, they are hoping for some nominations! Check out the Jeff Awards at

Jessica outside Second City by her show's poster

Press Pic


I accompanied my 87-year old Father and my brother to Ireland in March for ten days. I can't say "it was a trip of a lifetime", because I've had so many "trips of a lifetime"!!!!.....but it was a trip of a lifetime! The opportunity to bring my Dad together with his siblings was so incredible. You can travel anywhere....but when you can combine it with something like that, it's just priceless. I will share those photographs with you, but they're on a separate blog so as to not take up too much space here. You can view them here:
We were fortunate to have 10 days of the best Irish weather EVER! Rarely did we wear coats...RARELY did it rain. We had a couple of really good storms blow through in the wee hours of the morning, but that is it! We saw WAY more than I thought we would ever get to see because the weather was so good and it didn't hamper our traveling plans. I am grateful for the opportunity to get back to Ireland.

Life is otherwise good....I've missed blogging, so I think I'll stick around.

Read it or not......see if I care! HA

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Long Lost Blogger Has Returned.....

This is my umpteenth attempt at restarting my blog!

It's been so long since I've wanted to Blog and I'm trying desperately to figure it out. Even as I sit here, WANTING to get back to the blog, I'm unsure about what to post.

I started blogging back in early 2008 and before that, I had a website which I would use exactly as a blog....blogger is SO much easier! I began plugging away at it one night during a bout of insomnia....thus the name "Late Night Blogging". I don't have those bouts of insomnia much anymore, just on a rare occasion.

Then, in October of 2010, I lost interest. I think it was more about Facebook than anything else. I stopped blogging, went on Facebook, saw that it made me neglect the blog, so I "sort of" got off Facebook forsaking those that had asked me to be friends except Lude and the girls and then even kClare got off Facebook! I remained for a short time to finish out a few games of scrabble with friends.

But, again, I'm fully off Facebook and relearning blogger....not much has changed, but it's enough to make me have to relearn some things.

Even so, I'm having trouble.

Basically, they are pretty much the same thing......soliciting for an audience. Facebook is a little more "in your face solicitation" than the blog, but still, the same thing. Blogger in comparison is rather old school and Facebook wins. It's mobile, quick and immediate and requires very little work. But, it does the same gives the reader an insight into your day. People blog for different reasons, mostly socially, but lots of them are doing it for business. I have to admit that I am incredibly impressed with the success of Facebook; it's unreal. I do not have very good things to say about it's creator, if accurately portrayed in the book and the movie! Unfortunately a social misfit in his own life and he was a snake of a friend.

And, although I realize not everyone thinks the same way I do, I found Facebook to be competitive and for the very reasons that make it so popular, very social. With the blog, if someone comes along and reads your post, that's might not even know they were there. But, on facebook, if you post something and then publicly, no one expresses interest in it while at the same time they are incredibly interested in the kind of latte that someone else had this morning, it's weird. It's sort of like a public shunning, a popularity contest by people who choose not to friend you or who unfriend you or worse yet, pick you as the person on their friend list to only see part of their world....again, it's just weird.

Most people aren't bothered by the kinds of things that bother me.....I am surely the odd one out here....obviously because there are over 500 million active users on Facebook. How can you compete with that.

But, all of that is why I think I am having difficulty blogging again.......who WANTS to read about all my blabbering. Who wants to read my kid bragging, see my vacation photos, hear about my latte problems!?

Lude would tell me exactly what I'd tell anyone else..."just do it because you want to, or your like it", I will.

We'll see where the journey takes me this time!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How is it possible that it has been 35 years ! ?

Today, kClare watched Lude and I reminisce all day about July 17, 1976! She made us get out our wedding album which was a real walk down memory lane!

Last year, we decided to have mass said for us and then we wanted to do something with our family, but we didn't want to make it into a big deal! And, of course, Father Flynn had to make a big fuss in front of everyone, which was nice but weird feeling.

After church we went to one of our favorite breakfast places in the whole world...FIRST WATCH! The food is great and the staff is even better!

I can honestly say that it doesn't feel like it was just yesterday, but still, I can't believe we are at 35 years already. We've been through so many cycles in our, first marrieds, married with children, and then teens!!!, then college parents, and empty nesters and now........pretty much back to just us. Your 35th wedding anniversary isn't a big deal, but it's BIG deal at the same time.

We are thankful for everyday, the good ones and the bad ones.
We're grateful for all the blessings in our life especially our children and we pray that we'll remain healthy and happy together for many more years yet.

I'm not on Facebook (that's for another post!) any longer, but Lude shares all the gossip from his!!! So, thank you to everyone who took the time to wish us well.

And, thank you for family and friends who were able to share the day with us!

Happy Anniversary Lude!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I wanted to include a couple of pictures from a recent visit to Chicago.

Jess was very busy with her show - it's opening in a few days, so kClare and I got to spend some fun time while there!

kClare informed me that her American Girl Doll's been retired, so we decided we should take her to the store in Chicago for a much needed restoration.....
We spent some time down at Navy Pier which we haven't done in several years. I'm either there during the cold winter months or else we're just too busy to get there.
And, of course, the beach which is so conveniently located near where Jess lives.
And, Jess got herself a big-girl bed.....she's tickled!

I can never take any pictures at Jessica's show, so here are just a couple from my weekend visit there. I went to see her new show and I can see why it means so much to her. She very much appreciates everyone's prayers and support. Thank you to so many of our friends who have gone to see the says a lot.

Keep praying!!