Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving in Chicago.

kClare and Louisa had their Thanksgiving feast with the Hallas' this year. Jess had her traditional "scampi's and perogies" with her friend Michael, so we thought we'd drive up to Chicago this weekend and bring a turkey with us!

We stayed at a great place within walking distance of kClare and Louisa's place and it turned out to be PERFECT....hopefully, we can take advantage of it again some time.

We packed up the car with everything except the kitchen sink....literally.....

And, we were not disappointed by the apartment........

An exhausted couple of girls..........

My Top Chef.....

We had a lot of time to relax this was nice. Lude and the girls went down to Giardano's to pick up pizza, but I actually never left the apartment the whole weekend.

Dinner on Sunday was wonderful....all the traditional fixings!

Later in the evening, we had some additional visitors to add to our list of people to be thankful for......
We are thankful it did not snow horribly for our drive....although we did have torrential rains the last two hours of our drive home....and you know me and rain???? Not a good mix!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


We have a lot to be thankful for and we try never to forget. We go off track now and again, but when the seemingly worst things happen in our lives, we stop and give thanks. We'll shed a tear (OK, OK, I shed a tear) and we say to each other, we have SO much!

So, for the girls.....Jessica, kClare and Louisa, we are truly grateful!

Dad....who carries on bravely without his bff.

And, for Lude....the person who holds me together, loves me and more importantly, makes me FEEL loved.

We had our annual TURDUCKEN at Scott and Nicole's. Delicious, as usual.
What are WE when we eat Turducken......a chicken inside a duck, inside a turkey, inside a human? Hmmmm

I didn't take too many pictures today.....I forgot to catch one of the turducken before it was gobbled up!!!

Nick with Mr and Mrs Vance....

This is Nicole and Lude in the kitchen.....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I know it's crazy, it's only November 20th and we put the tree up tonight.

It's standing, a little crooked, I might add, but it's up.

It's interesting how from year to year you can have the spirit or not! Things have not really been the same at Christmas since my Mother's passing...her birthday is Christmas Day. Last couple of years the holidays have been different....I told Lude and the kids if they wanted bakery they could bake it themselves.

The past two years have brought newer life changes and the past couple of months especially. I'm reminded of who the most important people are in my life.

But, we're ready for Christmas this year.

Bring it on, we say!!!!

OH, and thanks for cooking me and PaPa Boxty and Bangers tonight, Ludeeeee.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tonight's "Evening Prayer for the Dead" was, as always, a very beautiful ceremony. It's so solemn and moving; Father Neil does such a great job. The songs are likewise incredibly provoking. Tonight we were joined by a master violinist who added so much to our music especially You Lift Me Up. The service leaves you in tears, not always a fun experience, but...remembering our loved ones is never easy and the tears are cleansing. It's a sad service to attend, but it's what you need to do, for THEM and for others as a church community.

OH, and Happy Anniversary Rick & ya!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The annual Food and Wine show at the Cleveland IX center was very fun...thanks to Aunt Maureen and Uncle Bernie!!!!

Along with the show was a fine arts show where we ran into a friend of Lude's from PA and his wife. Roland makes fabulous metal art sculptures out of railroad ties and it was such a stroke of luck that we got to catch up with them.

Paula Dean (NOT, but it sure does look like her, doesn't it???) was standing right behind me in line to try her hand at the Ohio Lottery give away table.....

We got to see Robert Irvine and Guy Fieri...we were pretty far up in the audience, so I didn't get great pictures, but it was a lot of fun to see them in action! We didn't go into the Michael Symon show, but we watched it from the floor of the vendor area and it looked like his show was great too!
We did a wine tasting as well which was a lot of fun.

A great Saturday!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I LOVE YOU, matter what life throws at ya!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tonight, the girls are going to THE JEFF AWARDS at Drury Theater in Chicago. The Jeff's is THE award program for live theater in Chicago. Second City has been nominated for FOUR awards! and one of kClare's show was recommended for a nomination as well.

You can learn more about THE JEFF AWARDS here

So, this is a big deal for them. Jess got two tickets, so she's taking her very talented sister. Hob-Knobbing in the theatrical community is very important and Kath is wearing something she designed and made.

Second City is shuttling them in a large limo to Oakbrook with food and drinks on the way.


The pictures are great, they all looked fabulous and they looked like they had a great time!

Some pictures from the official photographer.........

They got to perform as well