Thursday, July 26, 2012

Before they got on the highway to head back to Chicago, we had breakfast with PaPa at First Watch!  Good to charge your tummy before the long trip and, he was delighted to spend the time with them!

CEDAR POINT.......Gotta Love it!

It's so much fun having the girls home for a few days.  This time, it's only a "whirlwind" visit.  The girls have a day or two off from working and so they are here to visit.  kClare and Louisa took a trip to Columbus to see Grandma Johnston!  Jessica got to visit with friends and had a doctor appointment and her yearly scan (which came back "clean"!!!)  We had a few neighbors over on the patio one evening and we got a chance to go to Cedar Point!!

Jessica is really in to this INSTAGRAM stuff! 
(Can't wait to get my big girl phone!!!)

This was Louisa's first visit to Cedar Point....

We took a few pictures by the beach.....

My FAVE ride (The Raptor) was down and we stopped and chatted with the girl that was keeping watch over the entrance!  While we were there we watched a dozen people come up to her and ask the very same questions we asked.....she kept answering the same ones over and over again!  With a smile.  I sat down in the ride seat and tried to at least recreate the thrill of the ride.....didn't work!

The evening show this year was FABULOUS.....

And this is them as we make our way to the exit after a very fun day!

Even if they can only stay for a few's TONS of fun!
We seem to pack a whole lot of things into a few days......but, with their work schedules, they are beginning to feel the effects of that.  I think when they come home, they want to do a little more relaxing and less jamming!

See you in September, girls!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I got back on Facebook last winter so that I could get to PINTEREST which I guess you can only do through a Facebook or twitter account!
I got someone to invite me to PINTEREST and signed up, but then never did anything until this month......and boy oh boy!  I'm hooked!
When I was first married I started a 3-ring binder containing pictures of "things" that I would like to do, make, visit, have, sew, cook....etc.  the binder quickly grew into specific areas for sewing, cooking...well, you get the picture.  Now I have a file cabinet FULL of things.  Patterns, maps, ideas and on and on!
I am having so much fun on PINTEREST.
I can't wait to get into that file cabinet and throw everything away.......
Visit my boards!

Monday, July 23, 2012


When Lude's brother, Nick comes to town we get together for dinner and it's always a lot of fun!
Especially when you get to hear the very talented McKeely sing Karaoke 

Sing it, McKeely!

Then it's followed by the KEMOCK PICNIC on Sunday.  Here's a bunch of Kemock's!

Papa McCafferty joined in the fun....I thought it would be nice for him to get a chance to see Nick again!

I really think they BOTH enjoyed it!

Is this one grownup looking kid!???

Saturday, July 21, 2012

H 2 OH!
This is one POOL kid!

This has been a VERY busy weekend for us!  It's KEMOCK picnic weekend and the girls are coming home so we have been pretty busy since Thursday.  But caught a break and went to Berea to see Molly swim in the Southwest Swim Meet Championships!  It's like a Feis only in bathing suits!  We only got to see one heat, but I am glad we could see that!

Good Luck, Molly!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Windy City can NOW be dubbed, The Steamy City!
WOW, I can hardly believe that I haven't found more time to blog!  I don't sit down at my desktop computer much since I got my iPad and well, I'm a mouser.....I navigate so much better around Blogger with a mouse. 

But, here I am, and that's what counts!
I am in Chicago visiting with my girls! (they are both peacefully sleeping as I enjoy a chance to catch up on the computer!  Sorry WORDS and WORDS SCRAMBLE friends!!!!  Havent had much time.  

This is my 3rd time here for July 4th and as you can imagine, Chicago is very much alive at this time. Experiencing how wonderful this lakeside community is, makes me sad to think that we have these same opportunities in Cleveland, but alas, have a bunch of people who have been diverting their attentions to their OWN pockets instead of to the greater good of our city! It's all been made clear these past couple of years. And it is indeed, sad.
I drove up early on the 4th so that we could all go down to the National Irish Dancing Championships. It was a first for Louisa and I'm sorry we didn't get to see more, but it was fun. We got to see some friends and had a nice dinner with family!  AND, it was nice to get out of the heat!
Although we know it's been hot and steamy everywhere, we are SURE that it can't be hotter anywhere in the world than kClare and Louisa's third floor, no elevator apartment! For a variety of reasons, Jess packed a bag and came with us from her place in Old Town to Rogers Park!  I only got to visit with Louisa for just the one day and off she went to Indianapolis for the Episcopal General Convention. So, it's just been myself, Jessica and kClare in the apartment for the remainder of the week. Jess has a lot more free time now....her commercials are all running well and she will begin rehearsals for A CLASS ACT at Porchlight Theater and recently returned from NYC where she is beginning to put her "ducks in a row"!   I suspect a late fall/early 2013 move to NYC for her. Not sure, yet, how I feel about it, but I know I feel bad for kClare who will miss her very much.
kClare has had to work the past two days which gave Jessica and I a chance to do some other things. We met some of her friends for meals, went to the library so I could get a card to enable me to access the Chicago Public Library downloadable collection, shopped, went to the beach and basically just hung out wherever there was AC. The girls have room air conditioners but only in two bedrooms, so we've been rooming together which has been fun. All my plans to cook some meals have been very much thwarted by the heat!  But today is kClare's day off and although they are both here, getting much loved and needed sleep, we do have some fun plans for today!  

OK....come on.....wake up!!!!!! I need coffee!!!!!! 
We were blessed to have just the PERFECT day for going downtown today!  The weather has broke, the temperatures are lower and the wind off the lake is a beautiful thing!  We took the bus downtown and enjoyed lunch in the Hancock Building followed by a stroll along the boardwalk.  We watched Tri-Athletes swim in the lake, beach lovers finally get their chance in the sun, families renting bikes and multi-seat carts for enjoyable rides and lots of people just HAPPY to have the chance to get outside after being cooped up for a week!  I was just sorry that Louisa was not with us to share in our fun day!

kClare went into work at Navy Pier just to check on a few things and then joined us at Jimmy Buffets Margaretville for a drink!  We then enjoyed our hour-long architectural tour of Chicago which was WONDERFUL!  (I no longer am embarrassed by theburning Cuyahoga river after hearing what the Chicagoans did to THEIR river!)  We learned so much about the beautiful and historic buildings in Chicago and NOW, we want to take the night time tour to see all the buildings that apparentlylight up at night!
Afterwards, we enjoyed a 2 ½ hour concert by American English, our 2nd favorite Beatle tribute band.  (1964 the Tribute being our 1st fave!)  Cassie joined us after her long trip from Clinton, IA and we had a great time.  Dinner followed at Navy Piers City Porch and then the fireworks!  Our bus ride home was uneventful and we all fell into a deep sleep enjoying the break from the heat!
Sunday mornings brunch at Nookies was just the thing to top off a great weekend!

I am always so very excited to come to see the girls.....spend time with them and just hang out in a very fun city!  Then, I am always very excited to get home to Lude and my own bed......despite the heat, this was one of the very first times that I think I didn't want to go home!  
Until next time.......
Here are a few photos from our weekend!  I of course, did the unthinkable and forgot to charge my camera battery so I didn't get all the pictures from the architectural tour.  Jess did though!

 This was a good picture to start with.............

 Kelly, Jessica, kClare and Louisa at Nationals

 Shades of yesterday when we would take Jessica to a Feis.  All she did was sit in a corner and read a book, in this case an e-book....never mind that it's NATIONALS

Judy and Mary at Nationals

Getting some relief in the sun from the very cold hotel...we had dinner at an Irish place next to the Sheraton in Chicago.

Walking to the beach in Roger's Park....I have to say they have 
some of the BEST beaches in Chicago

Having a luscious dinner at Orso's in Old Town

Only kClare would carry a spool a thread no matter
where she went!

I didn't know which of the hundreds of pictures
we took on the Architectural tour of Chicago to pick for posting.

American English on Navy Pier


 Costume change after their break

Dinner at Porch City on Navy Pier after
the American English Concert
This one seemed appropriate to include.....the dancing was STILL
going on as we passed the Sheraton on our river tour!

Lunch at one of our favorites:  Nookies in Old Town
with some Second City friends!!!

So long until next time............

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

crushers with friends..............
3 july 2012

We got to another Avon Crushers baseball game this year with neighbors.
We had dinner at the Wine and Wood before we went which is always a lot of fun.
We love the Crushers ball field....parking is $3 instead of $15.
The team WANTS to play baseball!
The beers are $4 instead of $8!
And there isn't a bad seat in the park!