Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shower Weekend............

I cannot say enough to express my gratefulness to all my family and friends who made Kathleen & Louisa's wedding shower weekend such a wonderful success.

With only a few glitches.....(no one missed the 2 lbs of mushrooms that are still in my refrigerator, did they?) all went as we planned.  

If I start naming names....well, I just KNOW I will forget someone who is really important.  But we ARE eternally grateful to my sister-in-law Judy who helped convince the girls they should have a shower and insisted on throwing and coming to the shower this weekend from Arkansas.  We don't often get to spend time that's not complicated or surrounded by dancing or Feisanna, so this was a REAL TREAT to have one-on-one time with her.  She is Kathleen's Godmother and it was so special to see them together.

Everyone who attended is VERY dear to us all.....every one of you!  So, just your COMING was helpful to create this wonderful day for the girls!   I know the girls are experiencing a speechless gratitude for all your generosity.  It was sweet to watch the two of them show their gifts to Lude on Monday night.  They decided between them what they wanted to have with them now in Chicago and which gifts would be stored here until such time as they are in a new place....wherever that might be!  

So, to you ALL....for coming early to help, for your well wishes, fruit, balloons, photos, for just the hugs...and my pinch hit baker!!!, Lude and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

I know my Dad was looking forward to being at the shower and the "after party", so it was sad that he wasn't there.

We so look forward to celebrating with you all the weekend of the wedding!

I will have more pictures here at a later date......but for now, a couple of favorites:

Lunch is served

Place settings

Pizza Pizzazzzzz

Funny card from Jessica...who is looking forward to her new sister because she was getting bored with the old one!

Presents from Dad....cow tools and Dave Ramsey's Money Book


With Mom and Aunt Judy

 Post Shower Shenanigans