Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Visiting Chicago is always a lot of fun!  We have not seen the girls since the wedding and I have been missing them both terribly!

You just never know what the weather will be like in March and I find myself praying for good driving weather more than anything else.  And I was thankfully, not disappointed.  It was cold, but the rain and snow stayed away which is about all I can hope for.

We have been to Chicago in the bitter cold and in the sweltering heat and nothing deters us from having a great time.  Last year at this time we were traveling out to , IL with the Hallas' to taste wedding food and making lots of plans for the upcoming union.  I just remember being very impressed by Ashton Place and the food and thinking "If this REALLY IS what you'll serve, than the girls have made a good choice and the meal part of the wedding will be wonderful."  I remember thinking how wonderful the Hallas' were and how great it was to be joining these two families together.

And speaking of, we met up with Jon and Cynthia for dinner on Friday night at Nookies in Edgewater Beach.  It was a wonderful time and great to see them again.
Since we have seen the river dying activity before, we always have to assess the situation when deciding whether to include it on Saturday!  The weather is such a big factor.  Last year, St Patrick's Day was ON Saturday and so it brought millions of people into town especially because it was in the 70's!  Having the food tasting appointment did not allow us the free time to get downtown.  This year it's COLD and grey out, but there is no rain or snow which is a good thing because staying dry is important.  The girls decided that a good 'ole fashion pub crawl would be in order and the day started at the river where we met Crystal.  She works in Louisa's office and lives near the river so she joined us for the festivities. 

First Stop?  The Kerryman

Afterwards we headed to the Kerryman, then moved on to Fado's and then to Rock Bottom Brewery!  The least Irish place of all our stops but the place that had the "greenest" clothing and the friendliest faces!

Rock Bottom Brewery

 The girls have a friend, Tripp, who plays in an Irish band called "One of the Girls" and his band was playing at Rock Bottom in the afternoon.  We went early with hopes of staking out a table near the band and just waiting for it to come open.  Our plans panned out and before we knew it we were seated and having lunch.  Along came Lyndsay and Steve and we had a wonderful afternoon.

Tripp and Two of the Girls

Louisa, kClare, Lindsay & Steve

Growing our collection
Next thing I knew we were having a late night meal in Logan Square at Dunlays on the Square for corned beef and shepherds pie!  These people really get around!!!!

On Sunday we went to Celtic Knot in Evanston with Cassie and Marly to have dinner and see Tripp play again.  Yesterday there were only about 5 band members, today there are like 10!  But Celtic Knot truly was their demographic.  There were more band groupies in the restaurant then there were people just dropping in to eat something festive on St Patrick's Day!  Jon & Cynthia drove in from Northbrook to join us and we all had a truly wonderful time.

The Celtic Knot in Evanston

Jon & Cynthia

 Marly, Cassie, kClare & Louisa

Before returning home, I met Derek (and the beautiful Lily baby) at Jessica's apartment to bring some items home.  All went swimmingly, thanks to Derek!

Beautiful Lily
 Later today, the girls fly to Texas to attend Ian's Senior Recital.  They are very excited to see Ian, attend the recital and also to get out of the cold for a day or so!  They meet up with Jon and Cynthia in Texas tomorrow.  
Now I'm home and Easter and spring are just around the corner, thank goodness!  Thanks for a great time, girls!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thanks, Lude for whisking me off to Erie for a very lovely overnight!  And, while he was away at business I was able to scoop up some serious deals at Kohls with my 30% coupon!!!  Tomorrow I will run some serious errands and take Dad for an X-Ray (in and out) and then it will be off to Chicago for St Patrick's Day...but more importantly to see my girls, the newlyweds, who I miss very much!

Monday, March 11, 2013

It wouldn't be St Patrick's Day week without Lude's wonderful Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner!  Although it was on hold for a few days with Dad's arm, we were successful because as it turned out, he did not need surgery on his wrist.  So, while he is a little off balance on his own, we were able to bring him over after church for a delightful afternoon with Aunt Maureen and Uncle Bernie.
Have a great St Patrick's Day week, everyone!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

WHY, WHY, WHY......do I do that to myself!

For SURE, last time!!!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ooops, he did it again!
Well, Dad fell!, again!    It’s not like he does it on purpose but I have to say that I watch him and he’s just not always careful.   I never listened when I was younger, I don’t expect him to listen to ME, now.   We were prepared to hear the word surgery, but thankfully, none.   Thanks to everyone for your prayers!!!!!  Crisis averted….this time!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today, I got to work down at the Metro Health branch of the library!  It was such a different day....quaint, busy, interesting, just different!  I really enjoyed it!

So excited to have booked the last portion of our European vacation!  We’ve been watching a few things on TV about the places we are traveling to and I cannot wait to see such historical places!  We’ve done so many “once in a lifetime” things and this will be the next!   Rome, Naples, Livorno, Pisa, Florence, Pompeii, Barcelona, Marseille, DePalma and last but not least, Paris!   

Heading next week for another fun Chicago St Patrick’s Day weekend!  
Get ready, girls!