Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I enjoyed my weekend in Little Rock as usual.  This is my second year traveling down there without Dad.  Last year, he didn't go because we were getting ready to make the trip out to Portland, Oregon for Maureen and Ryan's wedding.  After his fall this past January, he's just not that steady on his feet and well, I think his long distance traveling days are over.  I didn't plan on taking him, but he said to me one day
"I don't think I'll go to Little Rock this year" and I didn't try to talk him into it.

I got to have a nice lunch with brother and some one-on-one time with Judy.  The feis was a success and I always enjoy dinner post feis with judges and musicians...where I get to hear the most interesting stories.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

After church breakfast at First Watch is always a fun treat.  Add out of town family and it's perfect!
Judy grabbed me in time to catch this great photo of Father and Son.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

While she was home this week, Jess got a call from her agent that asked her if she's be willing to go to New Philadelphia to do a show!  Heck, yeah!

So, we drove down to KSU in New Philadelphia, had dinner and saw Jessica'by improv show with Baby Wants Candy.  It was a lot of fun.

It's so interesting that she can get up on stage and perform, improv, with people she doesn't know and do it so well!  It's not like it's a rehearsed, scripted show!!!!

The audience loved it!

Look who's having a baby!

It was nice that Jess was home to go to the shower with me.
The girls tried to get here, but their schedules got in the way.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jess will be joining the tour of 50 SHADES OF GREY, THE MUSICAL as they tour from April through June.  A job that was presented to her as she left her three month stay in NYC.  While it's not exactly what she wanted to do, it's work while she contemplates her next move!

And, for the next 2-weeks, they are off on a break so it's perfect that she gets to be home with us!  And perfect timing because she's having some trouble with her back.  A combination of spending too many hours walking in NYC in a pair of very high-heeled sneakers or spending three months on a mattress that might not have been as comfortable as her own "big girl bed" or spending hours touring on a bus (luxurious though it is) or moving heavy items out of Chicago and back home?  When they brought her things from Chicago to home, they just off loaded it to the garage because it was late and we wanted to return the truck.  Lude had to leave right away the next morning for work.  While I told Jess I'd help her when I got home from work at one o'clock that day, when I arrived home, everything was already moved from the garage down into the basement.  Or maybe her back is taking the tole of just the stress of all that she deals with, who knows.
She spent a good portion of these two weeks on a heating pad.

But, we did get to have some fun while she was here.....she had a reunion of sorts with high school friends. Visited a couple times with her good friend, Mary.  Shared a drink and appetizers at Cornerstone with cousin Owen.  A big spaghetti dinner with all the family and a night of Mexican food with the Kemock cousins.

My back hurts now, too.

McCafferty Cousins

Getting together always means pictures with Dad!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Scrapbooking at High Point!

One of the extra benefits of attending scrapbook events is that I get to meet so many people!  I met one of the girls' English teachers from middle school once....I see her regularly now.

And, today, I met one of the girls' babysitters.  Lori's always been more than just their babysitter though and I've thought about her alot over the years!  She remains the sweet girl she was so many years ago and now, with a family of her own!  We took a moment to talk about then and now and it was sweet!
(How'd she get taller than me?)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Molly gave us tickets to see 1964 THE TRIBUTE for Christmas and we have been very excited to go!  They are our favorite Beatle tribute band and we've seen a few.  But, at the last minute, duty called and Lude was out of town on business.  We had arranged to go with friends Patty and Gerry and although our seats were not together, we were going to go downtown to dinner and then enjoy the show.  Instead, Gerry cooked dinner for Patty and I and in the finish, he didn't feel well enough to go to the show so it was Patty and I.

The show was wonderful...I called Lude and kClare to let them listen to some special music over the phone.

She's home on hiatus!!!

Lude borrowed Uncle Bernie's truck to drive into Chicago to get Jess and her apartment full of stuff.  He drove out early on Sunday morning and went to the suburbs to meet up with kClare and Louisa who were out there at church.  It's better to get a hotel out there to park the truck safely overnight than to try to find a city street to leave it on.  He had dinner and a visit with the newlyweds on Sunday and drove into Old Town on Monday morning.  He got a taste of Chicago commuting and once again feels blessed to not have those daily conditions.  He met Jess and her friends and they got the truck loaded in just a couple hours (while Lude was conveniently on a conference call!)  kClare and Louisa came out to lend a hand as well.  Jess treated everyone to lunch at the fabulous Orso's and they were on the road back home after that.

Thank goodness for big basements!!!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Missing you, Ludeeeee