Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'm behind! I know.

It's been a very interesting 75 days since my last post.
And, because of what's transpired since then, somedays are good, a lot are very bad.

Even the "good" days are ONLY "pretty good".

Today is a PRETTY GOOD day.
Lude and I are in Michigan seeing PINK!
We're in a hotel room (at this moment) that's SO big, I have no idea what he's doing at the other end of it!

Once in awhile, we look at each other after hearing a song or seeing a video and say "I'd pay money to see her!"    PINK is one.  I'd go to see ALL my favorites in concert, but I'm basically cheap and refuse to pay upwards of $200 to see a concert.  But, PINK was different (FYI, we'd pay money to see Jeff Dunham, too!)

So, we're in Michigan seeing PINK, we bought the tickets back in mid-summer.
But still, as excited as we are to see PINK, I am sad.

I should stop now.....just thinking about it makes me sad.

I'll be back, I promise (thank you all for your sweet "where are you/how are you" emails) and I'll post PINK videos which you KNOW you can't wait to see.