Monday, April 14, 2014

I just want to take a minute to acknowledge my good friend, Karin who lost her precious family pet today.  You all know me....I'm not that kind of animal lover, but I know how much Baby meant to Karin and to everyone!  Baby was a trained therapy dog.  Baby was a trained R.E.A.D. dog and brought pleasure to many children.  Baby was a loved family pet and one of the things in Karin's life that kept her going!
RIP Baby Kirtner
These first two weeks of April have been just wonderful.  Starting with the retirement and party for my boss, Cindie followed by my own retirement on April 10th.  People keep asking me "what are you going to do with all your free time" or "do you know what you'll do in retirement?" 

When I reduced my hours about 6 years ago moving from the Olmsted Falls branch of the library to the Fairview Park branch, it was a very big adjustment.  I "gained my freedom" then.  Now, I'm really just freeing up 20 hours a week. 

Lude tells people "if she just goes to bed an hour early and stays in bed an hour later, that's her whole work week".  So, while I DO plan to lots of fun things, I don't have any specific plans.  Thus far, I love that I can just feel that I can do whatever I want whenever I want. 
I also don't "feel" retired yet.
So, I'll keep you posted.

I owe a lot of thanks to my three work peeps, Karin, Amy and Barb for doing such a great job on my party Saturday.  I owe a debt of gratitude to them.  There were so many wonderful surprises and touches!  I loved the wicker suitcase for the cards - that was a cute touch.  The maps on the tables with the burnt edges were awesome.  And, those FLOWERS with the button centers!!!  Too much!
I could say "I'm going to miss you all", but I know I will see you! 

Here are a few pictures from the evening!

Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating with me.
We hope you had fun!

Monday, April 7, 2014

I am so happy that my good friend and fellow traveler,
Paula, is also retiring.  I can't wait to see what trouble
we're going to get into together.
Congratulations, girl!

So, the first thing I want to catch up on is my recent trip to Chicago for St. Patrick's Day weekend!  I've been going for quite a few years and every time it's a little different and very fun.  This was my first visit to Chicago since they moved into their new condo and I'm excited to see how their doing. 
They have Phoebe now, too!  
Louisa ran her first 5K for this season...I'm very proud of her.
We got to hear a lot of great music.
Taste a lot of good Irish fare.
Visit with family and friends. 
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

There's one other thing I wanted to catch up on before I move forward and try to keep up with the blog better!  We've been watching Steven for Sarah this semester and it's been a blast.  And of course, I can't resist taking pictures while he's with us!  Look how much he's grown!

This has just been an awful winter.  Lude's read and followed the Farmers Almanac since the day I met him.  In fact, the kids used to always buy him the new book for Christmas!  He said the almanac reported a very bad winter and it was right.  It started out fierce and ended just as bad.  We had a lot of snow and very cold temperatures.

On Wednesday, March 12th, one of many, many storms tore through our area that caused white out conditions that devastated drivers.  The storm came fast and furiously and people just were caught off guard by it.  A pile up on the Ohio Turnpike near Sandusky took several lives and injured many.  The news reports were scary.  It happened around the evening commute and it wasn't just this area of the turnpike.  Pile-ups happened on every major highway. 

This is a photography from the internet of the turnpike pile up.

This is what I saw on Friday morning as I drove to Chicago.....still so sad looking.

Well, I tried to do a "photo-a-day" project this year, but then the hard drive on my desktop crashed.  I guess that's the word for it.  It was not a devastating loss because everything I hold dear is on an external drive.  But at the time, I had several projects to work on, some of them paid consignments, the Feis, my own scrapbooking etc.

I've been wanting to get a laptop so that I can be portable while doing digital scrapbooking and Lude actually gave me one for Valentine's Day, but we didn't take time to figure it out until recently.  Then the hard drive went.  I took the PC up to Olmsted PC Clinic where the guys are fabulous and friendly and they examined it and gave me the verdict.  They were able to save everything off the drive and install a new one for relatively little money, so we went ahead and did that.  They also reloaded all my stuff!

So.....I'm currently so connected I can't stand it!  Besides my PC, I've got my phone which is awesome, I love my Samsung Galaxy.  The picture taking capabilities are much so, that I feel I want to get a new Nikon.  Maybe Santa is listening!

Then, I have my iPad...I'm on my second one.  I had a first generation tablet with no camera.  I had it for several years and then it started showing signs of not being able to handle the apps that people were developing out there.  It began freezing up and the apps wouldn't stay open.  So, now I have the new iPad air which I like.  I do not use the camera nearly as much as I thought that I would, but at least, it's handling all the apps.

And now my laptop which is loaded with a digital scrapbooking program.  PC Clinic was able to save all the items that I purchased for the program, so that was great.  It has Windows 8 which everyone is complaining about, but I do not find a problem with so far.  I do know that I don't use ANY of my devices to their fullest capabilities and my laptop is definitely the same. 

So, needless to say, the blogging has been neglected.  And, once again, I'm going to complain about Facebook, again!  It really does keep me from blogging.  I only spend so much time on the computer and I use to devote some of that to blogging, but not now. 

But the good news is that as of Thursday afternoon, I will be retired!  God help me! 

I'm not going to back track to catch up on everything, but I will touch on a couple things in my next couple of posts and I can only say that I'll try to keep up.

My inspiration comes from Kathleen Clare....but not OUR Kathleen Clare....a different one!  Wild!
Anyway, she wrote to tell me that she enjoyed reading my blog and I decided I should be more diligent at it!

So, thanks Kathleen Clare!!!