Monday, August 25, 2014

Well, it took me awhile, but, I finally got the garage painted!
A task that's been pushed aside every year  because, well, let's face it,
 does it REALLY need to be painted?
But, we got around to it this year - made it a priority, and although it took us a month, we had a fun time and we like how it turned out.  A first major project since retiring and it was interesting that each day, I was OK with just how much of the project got done because, there was always tomorrow!
The paint was left over from another project and although, painting our garage "Persian Sky" was not what I wanted, we used the paint wisely and it came out great.  We hung some new storage for tools added a welcoming touch to the door and cleaned everything else up and it's DONE!  Just in time for the new car (which was a surprise!)

Friday, August 22, 2014

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Monday, August 11, 2014

I always have such a wonderful time when visiting Chicago.  It's always a pleasure to spend time with the girls, but additionally, how can you NOT like Chicago?

On this visit, I took the MegaBus and when I got to Chicago, I purchased a VENTRA Card and took the bus out to Rogers Park.  I was super proud of myself when I arrived at the girls place.  Just getting from Union Station to their place felt like an overwhelming task, but it was so easy.  It was made easier by the fact that an express bus went from Millennium Park all the way to the corner of their street!

I couldn't wait to take Phoebe for a nice walk down by the beach when I got there.
We attended the Episcopal Diocese Family Fun Day - and it was truly fun!  
Seeing Derek, Lily and Jo was an extra bonus!

I was able to help the girls out as they prepared for their Open House and Lude 
 joined us after his business meeting on Friday afternoon to handle some of the 
"high up" projects!!   (It was nice being able to look forward to riding
 home with Lude in the car!)

We had dinner at Chief O'Neills in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago.  
We had a great dinner with Mike and Denise!

The Open House was just awesome - the girls did such a great job.
Their home is beautiful - and they love living in the city!

The Garden entrance to their condo.
They are the first unit on the left behind the hydrangea. 

 Taking a walk with Phoebe on the beach - which is a block from their unit!  How great is that?

 Dinner at Chief O'Neills with Denise and Mike

Checking on recipes!

Guests begin to arrive!


This is the guest room - occasionally called "My Room!"

The "craft room" where they work and hang out

This is Louisa & kClare's room

Both of the girls were busy cooking away the morning of the party

 Enjoying some down time on the patio during the party!

Friday, August 8, 2014

LOOK who's home on leave!!!!!  Our neighbor, Tara is stationed in Honduras on a medical mission.    We are already counting down the days until you return, safe and sound!  TARA, we miss you.