Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sweet and adorable!

Happy New Year to all my family and friends.
Thank you for your love and friendship this past year and always.
I appreciate those that have been especially there for me...
they make giving back so easy.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My mantra for the new year........

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Any holiday is hard to celebrate without my parents.  I am getting adjusted to the fact that their lives have finished and they're together, enjoying their eternal rest.  So, on with the business of life.  But Christmas is extra hard because it's Mom's birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom! 
I love you and miss you daily!

Until we meet again............

Merry Christmas, Mom & Dad!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

To all our family and friends, we wish you a very Blessed and Joyful Christmas and all things wonderful in 2015!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This is for my fabulous hair stylist who
I appreciate every day!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Here are a few pages
that I scrapbooked lately!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Can it be true?
Is it possible?
How will I tell Lude that I won't be going with
him on trips to Plymouth anymore?????

 Thank you, Santa!!!!

They're so cute!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tonight was a wonderful evening with friends! 
These ladies have been in my life for a very long time.
Our kids went to school together.  The kids vary in ages and are not necessarily friends although they know each other and have become friends because of their parents' friendships, school and in some cases, church.  Our group contains about fifteen ladies, but not everyone comes to every event.  We like to patronize the local places but sometimes we venture out to neighboring communities to try new restaurants.  In November, we went to Sangria Y Tapas in Westlake which was a wonderful meal.  But, December is a potluck at our house and I'm grateful that Lude is available to help with the drinks as everyone is arriving.  We sometimes have a gift exchange but this year we decided to bring Toys for Tots and Lude delivered those to a collection location.  Everyone brought appetizers to share and I did the dessert.  I tried a PINTEREST dessert and it went over very well!  (I even saw that one of the girls pinned the dessert today!)  The Peppermint mousse dessert was great and I'll make it again!  So, to these friends, I say, THANK YOU, for your friendship for the past (in some cases) 35 years and for the fun times we have together!
Merry Christmas to you all and
much love, health and happiness in 2015!

Monday, December 15, 2014

So, I love Pinterest!  I'm a Pinterest Junkie!  It's been a lifesaver in many a situation and when it's not saving my life, it's just plain fun.  More people should admit that they use Pinterest!  It's kind of funny!  I'm just sayin'!  We all know!

I remember the first thing that I PINNED back in 1975!  Back in 1975, "pinning" was just plain, cutting something out of a magazine and saving it for ever!  I was dating Lude when I pinned my very first "someday I'm going to be married to someone" pin.  It was a picture from a magazine of a house that I liked.  Our first, second and third house didn't look anything LIKE this magazine picture and finally, I did throw it out.   Ever since I was with Lude, I pinned (or in 1975 speak, cut out) things that interested me.


I used to keep a small binder that had all my magazine pictures and recipes and craft ideas in it.  I had to graduate to a bigger notebook and then a second one.  Searching for what I wanted in the notebooks was never fun.  I always KNEW I had something in the notebook, but it took me too long to find it.  That's why I LOVE pinterest.

I also love that I can share a private pinterest board with Lude and with the girls.  The five of us have a private "PREZZIES" board.  When there's something in particular that would make a good gift giving idea, we pin it and then when birthdays and other gift giving occasions happen, we just go to the Prezzies board and see what would be appropriate.

But I get it....if you're not a crafter, or someone who likes to cook or bake or sew or crochet, then I would also probably find it to be a useless thing.  Later tonight, I am getting together with my club friends and I am trying a desert recipe from PINTEREST!  

Here's the picture from PINTEREST.....I'll post a picture of my Pinterest Pass or Fail later!
Sometimes, they don't always work out!....we'll see!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Lude's traveling this week - he's been doing a lot of that lately.  But, it's OK!  He loves his job, he still does not mind the travel and I get a lot done.  It's major cleaning week here at home!  I can no longer do all my cleaning in one day, nor do I want to.  So, I'm preparing some foods I like that he doesn't and getting lots of cleaning done.  

It's Sarah's last week of the semester and I had Steven for a good part of the day.  As always, he was a delight!  He let's you know when he's tired, when he's hungry, when he wants to be held and when he wants to just run around!  When I put him down for a nap, he just lays down in there and doesn't make a sound.  He'll sometimes jibber in there for awhile, but he rarely cries about going to bed!  He loves to eat....and he says "cheese" now!  (I tried to record it but was technology challenged!)

And, he LOVES Lude!  He'll be playing in the great room and Lude will begin to talk from his office space upstairs and Steven will look and smile big.  Sometimes he points, sometimes he wants to go upstairs.  Today, we played upstairs for most of the day and I could see him looking for Lude in his office!

So, this picture is labeled, "Where are you Uncle Lude?"

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tonight was the CIA meeting at Saint Clarence.  Lude and I recently joined this ministry and are enjoying the work they do.  Before each meeting, whoever can come early to do special projects are encouraged to come.  Tonight, we started two hours before the meeting repacking medicines for the medical mission to Honduras.  It actually was a lot of fun....the many hands in attendance made the work really quick and fun. Our table opened individual bottles of acetaminophen and packed them into baggies which were put into a larger baggie.  They are labeled for the residents of Honduras who come to the mission for medical assistance.  Repacking them allows them to get about 70 pounds of medication into one large suitcase!  Each table was packing something different.  We will probably do this again on a Saturday in January.  It's a good feeling to help those that are in need.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I am enjoying how very relaxed our holiday has been thus far.  This morning, we had a leisurely breakfast with my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Bernie.  I've missed them, so it was good to catch up.  The rest of the day, we finished up our Christmas shopping, getting those last few items that we needed and spent way too much at GE getting gift cards (and gas points!!!!) I did some wrapping earlier this evening and then we ordered take-out Chinese food and sat down to watch my all-time favorite Christmas movie, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. 
There is just something about it that sets the scene.
This year, we watched the "colorized" version.  
It was OK, but maybe we'll return to the traditional black and white version.   

Friday, December 5, 2014

Today was our annual lunch outing to Quailcrest in Amish Country!  
It's a day that we have enjoyed together for several years.  We meet at
 Cindie's for coffee and treats and then drive to Quailcrest for a delicious 
lunch of three different homemade soups, breads, herb butter and dessert.  
We shop then in some of the most fun shops in the area!
Thanks for always arranging it and opening your home to us, Cindie!

So, we've been enjoying this semester of babysitting for my grand-nephew, Steven!  
He's such a joy and we're "growing" with him.  He's running everywhere now!  
But, he is the most good-natured child ever.  

He is enjoying the tree and he found PaPa's cane in the corner!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

He's such a real cutie!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

For my family members that are thinking of renting at the FLATS OF LOYOLA in Chicago for St Patrick's Day, here are some pictures of the 1-bedroom apartment that we got.  One of the best things is that you get designated, undercover off-street parking!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

From Here.....

To Here.....
It needs to happen....who's with me!?
Yeah, yeah, I thought so!  This is a very small amount of the collection of ornaments that we've acquired over the years!  Not one ornament on that table is the same and each and every one of them has an important story!   And, Kathleen has all of HER ornaments on her own tree now!