Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Uncle Bernie!
Hope it's a good one!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Today was Tommy Murphys funeral.  Tommy is Dad's first cousin; their mothers were sisters.  The Murphys are a great bunch of people and I love them all!  

Lude and I both have colds held over from our visit to Ashland.  It's probably just a coincidence, but we both came down with colds after staying in the hotel and we are thinking it's because of the HVAC.  Maybe it will go away in a few days, but Lude's is hanging on today.

So, he won't be going to the church volunteer dinner dance tonight, which saddens me.  I get to see all kinds of people that I know, but I hate going to these things by myself.  Dinner is always great, the food is wonderful and the band is awesome.  I always enjoy getting some dancing in....but, again, not feeling all that well.  So, I didn't stay much past dinner, just enough to get around to other tables and say hello.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Last night, I met with Bettina of QuickFeis to tour the Wolstein Center at Cleveland State.  She's going to be handling the registration and awards at our Feis this year and I am very excited.  She does most the work and that's A-OK with me!  Bettina was born in Germany and so when we continued our meeting at the Der Braumeister for dinner, she was delighted!  Today, I went down to Mansfield and Ashland with Lude for the night - he's there on business and I'm shopping in Mansfield!  I got everything I needed to make the bedding for the baby's crib and I'm excited to get to work on it!  

Monday, January 18, 2016

Tonight, I met with the "Dining Divas" group for an evening of fun and chatting! We had dinner at Wild Mango and made all our plans for the overnight to Geneva Lodge!  It'll be fun!  Lude spent the week in New Jersey last week and then left yesterday for four days - I miss him!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Kupcakes & Keagan 
 Keagan is turning ONE and we are looking forward to celebrating with Keagan, Kelly and Robert!  When I asked if I could help, she requested cupcakes and I was excited to use my new batter dispenser!!!  I make a lot of cupcakes for church meals served at St Patrick's on bridge as well as every Friday in lent for the fish fries.  So, I got this handy dandy, nifty batter dispenser!!!
Getting the batter into the cups takes a quarter of the time now!!
Here is a scrapbook page from party time!!!
It's been a wonderfully complicated holiday week and we've had so much fun preparing for Christmas, for the girls' visit, the shower and of course, the Mangan Family Party.  But, the week was complicated by some extra "things" that, let's say, I'm grateful to have had my family around me!  Between the "cake" my "eyes" the "pump", I was glad when the holidays were winding down!  Besides, next up after the holidays, is baby!  How exciting is that?
Paula and John are coming for New Year's Eve and when we last talked, she sweetly gave me the option to cancel because of all the craziness of the past week and I replied that "their visit was my prize at the end of the craziness" and she wasn't getting out of it!
So they arrived early in the afternoon on New Year's Eve and we had a great evening.  They are Michigan State Spartan fans and the football game tonight is Michigan vs Alabama.  We made two different kinds of chili and had wonderful appetizers and drinks!
In the morning, we had a super brunch at First Watch before they headed back to Michigan!

I've known Marylou for more years than I can remember.  We met maybe in 1987 when our daughters, Michelle and Jessica were in school.  We were first room helpers and then worked together with PTA for another twenty years or so.  Now, we're both part of the "Dining Divas of Olmsted" and we have a lot of fun. We invited her for dinner during the Christmas holiday and it was a good time.  This is a scrapbook page from that night.

kClare & Louisa's baby shower was a huge success!
The cake was MIA but we managed with Giant Eagle!
Thank goodness Giant Eagle makes delicious cakes.
Here are some scrapbook pages from the day!

WOW....what a night we've had!

After the shower last night, the girls were here with friends. Catching up and going through their gifts (which I totally missed!)  My sister and Will came for a visit and we had some drinks while going through the ONSIES from the shower.  It was fun.  Later that evening, Lude and I left the girls and Mike and went to bed and while falling asleep, Lude heard a noise and got up to investigate.  He thought maybe the girls were running the VITAMIX, making drinks or something.  They thought it was US running the Jacuzzi tub.  But it didn't take long for Lude to discover that it was the sump pump.  At 11:00 on a Saturday night!  The mechanism on the pump that turns it off when it's drained was broken so it ran and ran and ran.  Eventually, the motor will burn out.  So, long story short, the girls and Mike stayed up all night to manually turn the pump on and off.  They spent the night in the basement playing music, looking at scrapbooks, cutting out stars!!!!  LOL

Lude got up to take Jessica to the airport around 4 AM and when he returned, he sent the girls to bed and took over.  I got up and took over while he went to get a new pump.  Owen came over and helped him change it out.  Very grateful for the help.  

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get ready for the Mangan party.
On Christmas Eve, the vitreous muscle pulled away from the back of my eye causing a nick in a nerve which caused a bleed into my eyeball.  I was thrust into a full out shroud.  I couldn't see a thing.  I couldn't read or drive which meant everything. Christmas Day was interesting and then on Saturday, while it was better, I still could not see.  I sat close by to my sister who told me everything kClare & Louisa were opening at the shower.  So on Sunday, I was still unable to drive, the girls were sleeping, Lude was servicing the pump and I had a cake and chicken to pick up!  The girls were getting a much needed rest, meanwhile, my hair dryer is in their room and I am NOT about to disturb them.  SO, off to the Mangan party I went with wet hair and a Santa hat! 

It's always something.....and thanks, Sean for the ride up to church!

Here are a few 2-page scrapbook pages from the 2015 Mangan Party

Thursday, January 7, 2016

      Happy Ukrainian Christmas, everyone!!