Saturday, February 27, 2016

It's almost time for us to get us a grand baby!  We are about a week from kClare's due date and this is our weather on February 25th!  We plan to drive up to Chicago and are hoping this isn't our driving weather.  But, regardless, we will deal with what we are dealt! 

Friday, February 26, 2016

We have really enjoyed watching Steven these last couple of years for Sarah as she completes school.
He's a great kid and makes we love him!

Monday, February 22, 2016

We're meeting Paula and John in Toledo again!  You would think that we could find somewhere more exciting to meet than Toledo, but we've found some fun places to meet up!  In the summer, maybe we'll venture over to some of the places by the beach.  Here's a scrapbook pages from our day together!

Chicago Bound
I'm headed for Chicago today for one final weekend before our little Perogi is born.  There is a shower for the girls in Chicago (their fourth) and I'm excited to get to see Cynthia & Jon Hallas, Louisa's Parents!  I'm taking the MegaBus this time because it's February and you just never know when the weather will NOT be on your side.  As it turned out, we had great weather...but mixed with a little snow and I was ever so grateful that I took the bus.  It was a surprisingly full bus on the way up and I was fortunate to be seated with a woman that I think was my equal in every way.....she liked the same crafts, she liked to read the same authors, we shared the same view points on a lot of things AND, her daughter and family lived about five minutes from the girls. We turned each other on to a few new "Chicago things"...I hope she likes the "Hoosier Pies" in Evanston!   She too, was visiting for the weekend. We talked and talked and talked and in our conversation discovered that we were on the same bus returning on Monday!  Last thing we said to each other as we exited the bus was, "first one on, save a seat!" 
The visit was great, the shower wonderful and again, a delightful bus ride home!
Here are a few scrapbook pages from my visit!

Monday, February 15, 2016

What a fun weekend!  PJ is here to judge at the Northcoast Feis and he's come in a day early so that we can Hooley!  Everyone came over for pasta on Thursday and it was a lot of fun.  Friday, we visited at the cemetery and then we dropped him off at his hotel so he could check in.  He later did grade exams for the Feis.  I tabulated for Kathy Leneghan all day on Saturday and then went home for a nap!  I returned to pick PJ up at the hotel and by that time, Lude was home from school and we had dinner at Lonetree before going to Kathleen & Will's to play Tripoly!  It was a great evening.  PJ flew out on Sunday.  Here are a couple scrapbook pages from the weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Philadelphia Freedom!