Saturday, March 26, 2016

Steven is always so much fun to have around the house!
He is such a good little guy and he's always willing to lend a hand.
Today, we put the St Patrick's decorations away and got out the tubs
for Easter....he was all too eager to help!

Can't finish up March without annual
corned beef and cabbage dinner!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

And then, when time allows, I do go back to
 the old pictures to scrapbook!
I really enjoy working on these pictures!

Our little Maeve had her first bath!
It looks like she really enjoyed it!
Her Moms say she did!

Monday, March 21, 2016

And then there's little Ludy Kemock!

While I have far less pictures from the Kemock side, I do have many and I've been having fun scrapbooking them!

I'm thinking that I see a little bit of Lude in Maeve......time will tell!

Celebrating 50 Years!
So, now I go backward in time to work on some photographs to make scrapbook pages of years gone by.  Sometimes the photographs are in horrible shape and I'm able to fix them in my software to the point that I am happy with - definitely not professional, but I'm getting them done the best I can and I think that's the important part.  Each day, I learn a little something more and when I come across some technique that's really cool, I find myself going back to a page that just wasn't right and fixing it!  I think if that were keeping me from getting things done, I'd stop, but it's not.  Sometimes the pages take a couple hours to complete....sometimes about five minutes.  It balances out.

These are pictures from my Grandma & Grandpa Cafferkey's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration.
So, Aunt Kay thinks they were married about April 1st, the year before my Father was born.  So, until I can officially document it, I'm going with April 1, 1923.  Their 50th Anniversary would be in 1973.

In the picture of Grandma opening gifts, she looks VERY much like my Father.  I thought Dad looked more like his father, but I see much more of the Gallagher's in him now.

Grandma passed away in 1975.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lude and I love how our digital devices ring whenever
the girls add a photograph to the album!
We jump up from our seats and scream "pictures of Maeve!"
What's happened to us?

Thanks for all daily pictures!
I'll be scrapping daily!

St Patrick's Day in Eire!
Or Erie......BIG difference!

So, our lives have been changed forever!  I have a million thoughts in my mind about one of the most exciting experiences of my life.  My baby daughter has had a baby daughter!
She married a beautiful and wonderful woman.
Together they have started a family!
And, that baby is the most beautiful child in the world!
My heart is full of gratitude and joy!

I cry when I think of how blessed we are to have shared this experience with them.

Ask me and I'll tell you the story..........

Here are a few pictures of the most beautiful baby in the world!

Happiest Day Ever!
So proud of these three girls!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's just our practice that we don't run appliances while were not home.  Of course, the refrigerator runs and we don't go around unplugging things, but, we don't run the washer, the dryer or the dishwasher while we are not home.  Besides the fact that it's never really necessary, I just have this flooding or fire fear and well, call me unreasonable, but we just don't do it.  So, it's never more necessary than with our current washer.  It's over 20 years old - maybe close to 25 and at this point, it does the samba across the laundry room floor every time it spins!  Good thing my laundry room is not very wide and the washer stops once it hits the other wall, otherwise it would just keep going!  What a mess that would be!  So, we decided to replace the set before disaster strikes!  While it's not the purchase I want to make - I'm pretty excited to get my first ever matching set of washer and dryer.  And this one has all the bells and whistles.  It does some seriously cool stuff!

Monday, March 14, 2016

So....we're getting daily pictures of the baby!  I know that will stop, but that's okay.  They'll get busy and lets face it, Maeve will become quite active and there won't be time.

But, what a difference from when our children were little.  In order to try to capture a precious moment you had to go GET the camera from wherever you kept it.  Make sure it was LOADED with film. HOPE that you had flashbulbs.  Take one or two pictures that you didn't know HOW they would come out.  Finish out the roll at the next holiday.  Take the film to the drug store where in OUR modern times, you could get 1-hour developing, and then hope that the pictures were good.  
But, by that time the "precious moment" was long gone!

Now, we have superior cameras on our phones and I have to say I take way more pictures with my phone than with my Nikon.  I would LIKE to get a new camera, but the phone is so great and convenient, I just can't beat it.  I try to stay away from the pressure I put on myself when I see people with big's not for me!  I'd whine EVERY single time I had to go get it out!

But, this is one of the pictures that Louisa sent to's a little dark because they were keeping it dark for baby's comfort and it was taken the evening that they came home from the hospital.  
I love it because it shouts "Love".

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The school had a fund raiser for the Academic Team which our Molly is a member of!
Now THIS is the team to be on! We're pretty proud of all her accomplishments.
By the way, the show airs April 23, tune in.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

We had another storm the other day and we know the weather can go well or very bad at this time of year - so we're praying that the weather will cooperate when the time comes and we have to make that drive to Chicago.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

He's always SO busy!