Thursday, July 7, 2016

Well, this trip to Chicago was the hardest one to leave. Not because that baby is so darn cute and I hate to leave her - cuz THAT'S true and for certain! Not because I didn't get enough sleep and I can't wait to get into my own bed - cuz I got PLENTY of sleep! It was because I felt I could help more and I was leaving them. It's the order of things, I realize it. Baby Maeve is getting so big - grabbing things, laughing, chatting with you, holding things and putting everything in her mouth! She's nearly rolling over, I suspect we might see that on our next visit! kClare is at Cherubs now for the month of July and she's so lucky to be able to take the baby with her. She has a little corner of the costume shop where Maeve hangs out when she's not in the wrap. So far, it's working out well. The students know they are never to get close or touch Maeve, but they all love her and talk to her and wave when they go by. And the staff is excited to have a "baby in the shop" and talk all the time about her as a "future Cherub".  As Maeve's grandma, I appreciate their help as kClare gets through this while nursing Maeve. And, Maeve's taking the bottle much better, but really, only from Louisa - which is just a cool thing in and of itself. So, when Louisa's home, Maeve stays home too. But the rest of life is a little on hold for the McKellastons as they go through these next many months. Lude and I are so proud of the girls and what they do to make it work. 
And, we're all looking forward to vacation together in August!
Here are some scrapbook pages from that visit!

Maeve's First Text